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12 Favorite Safe and Non-Toxic Holiday Picks: The Perfect Gifts Without the Chemicals

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Holiday shopping can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it can be stressful, too, especially if you don’t know what to get someone. Don’t worry-I’ve got some great recommendations for you here. These are all things you can feel good about purchasing for anyone, because they’re safe, non-toxic, and likely to help your friend or loved one feel good even after the holidays are over.

1. A wired or wireless earpiece for their cell phone. If your friend or loved one is still talking directly on his or her cell phone, this makes the perfect gift. Though studies are still inconclusive, there is some evidence that placing the cell phone itself next to your head might slightly increase your risk of rare types of brain cancer. Play it safe by using a device that gets the phone itself away from your head, as that reduces your exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

2. Meditation CDs. I recommend those created by Belleruth Napersteck. She has a lovely voice. I usually get into a nice warm tub and listen to either her lower stress or general wellness CDs because they’re so relaxing. You don’t necessarily have to “meditate” per se while you’re listening-you can use them just to help you de-stress and relax-which helps reduce stress hormones and keep you healthier this season.

CV Skinlabs Primary Restorative Skin Balm Cut3. Restorative Skin Balm. This one-hundred percent natural, non-petrolatum, cure-all balm instantly softens severely dry and chapped skin. Perfect for eczema, scars, lips and cuticles. A favorite among celebrity makeup artists.

4. Essence of Vali Sleep Ritual. I underestimated the power of aromatherapy until I tried this sleep ritual. I put a couple drops on the corner of my pillow and immediately I felt the calming effects. If I’m extra stressed out, I’ll take a hot bath before bed with the sleep massage oil. I love these products so much I don’t go anywhere without them!

5. Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Friends don’t let friends drink from plastic bottles, I say! (grin) I love this bottle. It really drives home the message and it’s a great practical gift that reduces exposure to BPA and the other chemicals in plastics. You may also want to get your friend the Brita water filter to help reduce the toxins in tap water like chromium VI.

6. Microcurrent Facial. We may live in a Botox world, but I’ve found something safer with microcurrent facials. We recommend the Joanna Vargas salon in New York City. There are no toxins involved, and nothing injected into your skin. The esthetician simply uses a microcurrent machine that provides gentle electrical stimulation to trigger the body’s natural healing properties. Skin looks younger, smoother, and more toned immediately (continuous treatments are recommended to maintain results). You may also want to try LED/red-light treatments, which are similar in that there are no toxins involved and no side effects. Instead, estheticians use LED light to deliver energy to the skin which is anti-inflammatory and it boosts collagen and elastin production. Great before a big event or a special night out!

7. Safe candles. Toxic substances like astoluene and benzene may be emitted by paraffin-based candles. Other chemicals from candles with synthetic fragrances can also pollute a happy home. Use soybean-based candles with 100% essential oils, or try Neom candles, made with all natural vegetable wax and essential oils. If you’re purchasing for a family with kids, cut down on fire danger with my new obsession, flameless candles.

8. LaVanila Healthy Deodorant. Want to help your friend get away from the aluminum in most antiperspirants? I love LaVanila Healthy deodorant in the vanilla lavender scent-it smells lovely and really works! Best of all it’s made with essential oils and aloe, without parabens, aluminum, or propylene glycol.

9. Bach Flower Remedy. Want to help your loved ones reduce stress this holiday season? This Original RESCUE Remedy really saved my life the last few months while I’ve been working on my book launch and my new skincare line all at the same time! Spray it twice in your tongue if you feel yourself getting worked up-it provides instant relief and you can use it throughout the day. It’s like yoga in a bottle.

10. Safe, Perfume. Perfume can be especially toxic because it’s made with so many unknown chemicals mixed together. This is a great time to encourage your loved ones to make the shift. I love these-A Perfume Organic and Give, both made with herbs, fruits, and pure oils.

11. Crazy, Sexy Diet. Know someone who wants to make a shift into a healthier lifestyle? Maybe they’re ready to learn more about how to reduce the risk of disease, lose weight and feel great? I loved Crazy, Sexy Diet. I read it cover to cover and found it to have extremely practical tips on how to switch to a more natural and raw diet and how to start incorporate juicing. It’s a must for anyone who wants to feel better!

Finally, whatever you get, try to avoid these dangerous four:

  1. Regular perfumes and colognes (full of toxic and harsh chemicals-read more)
  2. Baby gifts with BPA (read more here)
  3. Clothing full of GMOs, dyes, and pesticides
  4. Regular personal care products full of chemicals (read my Ingredients to Avoid)

Do you have recommendations for safe holiday gifts? Please share!

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