Dr. Frank Lipman, Integrative Doctor

“When your skin is inflamed and sensitive from a sunburn or other sensitivities, it’s extra important to treat it with serious TLC. For that, I recommend Rescue + Relief Spray by CV Skinlabs. This milky salve instantly soothes and refreshes skin, drying quickly to leave your skin soft and calm. I like that it is more than 99% natural, with 84% organic ingredients-and no harsh chemicals. Treat your skin with the care it deserves-Rescue + Relief is a must-have for your beach bag and medicine cabinet this summer.”




Sara Jane Mercer, Holistic Health Coach & Healthy Living Expert

“My daughter had a fall onto a wooden stacker cup and scratched her face pretty bad. It was awful. I cried harder than she did. I treated her cut with your Restorative Skin Balm for a week and now there is basically no mark!!! Thank you for making such wonderful products that I feel safe putting on my girl!”



Britanie Faith

Britanie Faith, Natural Beauty Advocate, Makeup Artist & Beauty Blogger of Beauty by Britanie

“I can honestly say that I have found my holy grail skincare brand for my sensitive skin. I recommend all four products in this line and literally can’t be without any one of them.”



Julie Harris, Celebrity and Fashion Make-up Artist

“My clients love CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm, it helps protect and hydrate dry cracked skin! Great for lips.”
“I love using CV Skinlabs RESCUE+RELIEF SPRAY on my clients before applying makeup, it soothes and calms any redness and instantly hydrates. Beautiful, supple skin!”


Karen Lee, Retired Chiropractor, Mom and Green Blogger of EcoKaren.com

“I LOVE Rescue + Relief spray!! Like I said, it is magical. I couldn’t believe the red and angry inflamed areas started to disappear within hours. The thin milky spray has a pleasant odor and it has a very refreshing natural scent. Not chemically induced or artificial smell. It dries quickly and it seemed to get absorbed rather quickly, without dripping down to a waste. It left the skin very soft and smooth and my kids said it felt cool almost immediately.”
“When I took my kids to an acupuncturist, he told me to give them foods that are cooling to reduce internal heat. It only makes sense to apply something that will cool their outside too when their skin is inflamed.”

Read Eco Karen’s full review here.




Rebecca Casciano, Make-up Artist, Green Beauty Expert, Wellness Coach

Restorative Skin Balm is a staple in both my purse and makeup kit! I use it to nourish lips, cuticles, and anywhere that skin needs restoration. The compact packaging makes it perfect for applying on-set and on-the-go!”
Rescue + Relief Spray has become my standby for any skin irritations I may encounter. It is so soothing for bug bites, rashes, sunburn and much more. I love being able to recommend it to clients who suffer with issues like eczema, psoriasis, as opposed to them using medicated creams with negative side effects.”
Body Repair Lotion is an amazing product that makes the skin not only feel, but look moisturized, all day long. The unique combination of rich oils and healing herbs gives the skin a noticeable glow, without being oily. I would say that CV’s Body Repair Lotion is a new makeup artist must-have!”


Chris A., (Devoted Customer) Vancouver, BC

Chris’ success story of using the Restorative Skin Balm on her burn over 4 days. View her results:


Beverly Fink, Celebrity Make-up Artist

CV Skinlabs are some of the best products I have used. I gave the Rescue + Relief Spray to my client’s daughter who was going through chemotherapy. She used this on her scalp and it brought immediate soothing relief to her tender scalp while calming her irritated skin. Amazing! My favorites in the line are the Calming Moisture and the Body Repair Lotion, they are luxurious and feel like silk! Not only do I recommend these two products to my clients but they are two of the current products I love to use in my skincare regimen. I have rosacea on my face and very dry, parched skin all over my body and both products immediately nourish my skin, calm it down and leave it glowing!”


Sara Jane Mercer, Holistic Health Coach and Healthy Living Expert

“I spend hours in the kitchen and have a tendency to cut and burn myself often. CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm has become essential to me for treating my kitchen mishaps. I have noticed a dramatic decrease in scarring and healing time since I began using this incredible product. I also keep it by my bedside as I hate going to sleep with chapped lips and dry cuticles!”



Sophie Uliano, Bestselling Author of Gorgeously Green, Natural Beauty
and Eco-Living Expert

CV Skinlabs takes clean skin care to the next level. Founder, Britta Aragon is a woman after my own heart – she has created a line of product with the understanding that our skin is not only the largest organ of our body, but also our protections against environmental toxins. When our skin is compromised in anyway (eczema, dermatitis, chronic dryness,) these toxins can more easily penetrate, which is obviously not good! These luxurious products are extremely moisturizing, too. But the great thing is that they’re not in the least bit greasy. I slathered myself in the Body Repair Lotion and got dressed almost right away. Men and women with sensitive skin are in for a treat with this new line.”



Rachel DeAlto, Flirting and Communications Expert, Speaker, and Author of Flirt Fearlessly

“Looking and feeling your best is essential to flirting and dating. I truly believe that it is what inside that counts most, however feeling attractive and confident will increase your appeal ten-fold. I love CV Skinlabs because they are dedicated to helping you look your best, while feeling great about what you are putting on your skin. I immediately fell in love with the Body Repair Lotion. It leaves your skin hydrated with an amazing glow – which is perfect for getting your flirt on!”



Debbie Dickinson, Actress/Supermodel

“Rare that I have used a lotion like the Body Repair Lotion that has a natural fresh scent and is extremely emollient without being greasy. My skin feels luxurious.”


Marta Wohrle, Founder of Truth In Aging

“The Body Repair Lotion provided almost instant relief for my post-shaving bikini rash and within a couple of hours the ugly red bumps had all but disappeared. This lotion shouldn’t just be reserved for emergency repair jobs. It does an excellent job of leaving the skin feel soft and supple. It does all of this as a relatively lightweight and totally non-greasy lotion. A little miracle worker!”

Read Marta’s full review here.


Elizabeth McGraw, Model/Actress

“The results are amazing from The Body Repair Lotion! Within hours my irritated skin felt wonderful, the skin was soft, and NOT greasy. I have a lot of lotions and body creams, this has become my absolute favorite! I’ve been on set filming Iron Man 3 the last couple of weeks. The wind here was causing my skin to dry out and feel chapped. I started applying my Body Repair Lotion every morning & carry a travel size bottle in my bag during the day. I have had no more chafing or chapped skin! I’m calling this my ‘Miracle Lotion.'”


Kristen Arnett, International Makeup Artist and Founder of Green Beauty Team

Calming Moisture minimizes redness, hydrates, and helps keep skin healthy despite what’s being done to it during Fashion Week. Indeed – models are loving this!!”


Jessa Blades, Natural Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

“The ingredients in CV Skinlabs are so amazing and safe, and I’ve found that the products work beautifully. The Restorative Skin Balm is basically like a new Neosporin, without petroleum; it’s the balm that seems to help with everything.”

Alexandra Jamieson

Alexandra Jamieson, Author, Health & Nutrition Expert

“I’ve noticed such a change in my skin since I began using Calming Moisture. My skin feels and looks smoother and more clear – and it just feels so good to sweep it across my cheeks! I love using a product that works so well on my temperamental skin — and it feels even better because of the beautiful story of how CV Skinlabs was created and that it’s helping people who need healing products like this.”
Alexandra Jamieson


Latham Thomas, Founder of Mama Glow and Author

“I’m a product junkie and have extremely high standards when it comes to self care products. When I tried CV Skinlabs I was convinced that it is really all that it’s touted to be. The Body repair Lotion is nourishing, it’s literally skin food, the range of products have protected me and my 9 year old son’s skin from harsh weather conditions. I have to say CV definitely helps me GLOW!”



Terry, A Customer Review from Truth In Aging

Rescue + Relief Spray sums it up. That’s exactly what this remarkable product gave me. I had developed a terrible outbreak of what I assume is eczema. I used the spray and It was glorious! It was immediately cooling and refreshing. The itching subsided. The directions say to spray liberally on affected areas. Reapply as needed day and night. For best results, store in the refrigerator (an added bonus to the cooling affect). For the first four days, I probably applied the spray four to five times. The third night of use was the first time I did not awaken to itchy arms. I could spray my arms before bed and they did not itch during the night, and I could visibly see that the rash was continuing to heal. I’m not sure how Rescue + Relief Spray works, but bottom line is: IT WORKS!”


Amie Valpone, Editor-in-Chief of The Healthy Apple, Celebrity Chef

“My days of walking into Sephora are long gone. After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, Lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity, I detoxed my entire life- not only my food but my cleaning supplies and all of my beauty products from my makeup to my face wash. I came across CV Skinlabs and immediately contacted them to ask about their products; Britta’s story truly resonated with me and she has become an incredible friend since the day we met. I’ve been using CV Skinlabs since that day and have turned on so many of my clients and readers to these amazing products. They are perfect to use on your body and face all year round- not too thick for the summer- not too thin for the winter. I feel so blessed to have found this incredible brand.”


Valerie Bennis

Valerie Bennis, President & Founder Essence of Vali

“My skin has become more sensitive as I have gotten older due to hormonal changes. I recently used the Body Repair Lotion and found the consistency to be just right along with easy absorbability and a bonus was the nice sheen it left on my skin giving it a healthy glow. I recommend it for all ages and all skin types because it is such an effective moisturizer and so pleasant to use.”
Valerie Bennis

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams, Artist, former member of Destiny’s Child

“The body lotion gives me a healthy glow! I love looking at my skin and seeing it shine and feeling moisturized long term!!!”
Michelle Williams

Stacy DeBroff

Stacy DeBroff, Founder and CEO of Mom Central

“I brought the Rescue Spray to Bermuda on a recent trip and plan to never be in the sun without it nearby for after-sun relief. It goes on cool, and simply calms irritated skin. Amazing- a virtual fire extinguisher for the body!”
Stacy DeBroff

Nitika Chopra

Nitika Chopra, Talk Show Host + Founder of Bella Life

“Having Psoriasis, I have used just about every cream, lotion or balm on the market.  When I tried CV skin labs Body Repair Lotion I was honestly SO thrilled.  I couldn’t believe that I had finally found a moisturizer which feels so hydrating to my skin without leaving it oily and the feeling lasted all day long!  I highly recommend this product and I believe that the founder Britta has created a skin care line that will be around for many years to come.”
Nitika Chopra

Katey Denno

Katey Denno, NYC Celebrity Makeup Artist

“My face has been so dry, overly sensitive, and just plain hurty lately. Since I’m prone to rashes and breakouts, I’m always cautious to try new brands. I have been so grateful for CV Skinlabs calming moisture. I’ve been using it every day and I can’t believe my face hasn’t broken out! It is a light yet rich moisturizer and its great especially for uber sensitive skin”
Katey Denno


Marta, Customer

“This is one of those indispensable products – it soothes bites, stings, unidentified itches, dry skin, chapped lips. The ingredients are wonderful – natural and doing good things. Restorative Skin Balm has completely replaced Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour in my bathroom and purse.”


Helena, Customer

“I tried the R + R Spray during testing and I loved it! I have Psoriasis on my scalp and it extends down onto the back of my neck. I would spray it on and it would soften the tight, dry and itchy area of my neck and scalp. I felt relief soon after I sprayed it on. The other thing I love about it is the texture. Other ointments I’ve used are heavy, thick or oily and smelly. They are often hard to wash out of my hair and make my hair greasy when applied. The R+R Spray was so light and non greasy that I could put my hair up after application and it wouldn’t make me self conscious at all, my hair would dry. Thank you so much for a great product!”


Marie, Customer

“I waited to use this specifically after I did a peel. My skin was on fire because I had used a new brand. I have to say without any doubt that my skin was IMMEDIATELY calmed by this cream. Calming Moisture is a wonder. It works! It was like I put out a fire. Not only did it calm my skin but it took away the redness too. I was in shock because I have never seen a cream that did this before. This is one I highly recommend for anyone with very sensitive skin. I am in love with this cream. It’s amazing.”


Ingrid, Customer and Cancer Patient

“I love your products. They helped me get through radiation treatments for breast cancer. I recommend them highly. I even used the rescue/relief spray on my irritated scalp after Losing my hair from chemotherapy. I will continue to use your products even now that I am finished with treatment.”


Leora Edut, Creatix of Goddess on the Go

“CV Skinlabs came in a time into my life at a divine moment. I just had majorly burned my arm and I thought for sure I would walk around with a not so beautiful scar on my arm. After a few weeks of using the Body Repair Lotion, my scar began to fade rapidly. Now after 4 months of using this crème it has become MICROSCOPIC. I’m so thankful that these products were created with the integrity of also honoring what we put in our body and not choosing to use any chemicals BRAVO!”


Dr. Carolyn Ray, St. Francis Mt. Sinai Regional Cancer Center

“I have been using the Restorative Balm, Calming Moisture and Body Repair Lotion products on my dry, irritated skin and they are wonderful. At home and at work, I am constantly washing my hands and consequently, they crack and/or bleed. I have found that the CV Skinlabs products are particularly helpful when my hands are at their worst. Even when the skin is cracked, there is no stinging or burning whatsoever on application. Within 3 days of the first application, I saw a marked improvement in my dry skin and all of the cracking had healed. In addition, when prescription ointments failed to help a child I knew who was undergoing chemotherapy after surgery, I used the Restorative Skin Balm on her incision because her skin was extremely sensitive and fragile. Given that she was still in treatment, she absolutely could not afford any delays or complications related to healing of her wound. The Restorative Balm worked beautifully – it was effective and gentle and she was able to tolerate it when everything else hurt or burned. Now, I recommend this line of products to everyone. The products are all pure and non-toxic. They are soothing to the skin when they are applied and they clearly promote healing.”


James Corbett, Clairol Color Director, Owner/Colorist James Corbett Studio

“I love the Body Repair lotion. It has a great consistency so it does not feel greasy or sticky and spreads evenly over the skin. Being a man I love that I can use a great quality product without a flowery/ perfume smell. Also, my skin gets irritated manscaping, and this lotion prevents my skin from getting irritated.”


Shanon Hoffman, Publisher, Lifestyles Healing & Spas

“I spilled a piping hot bowl of soup on the inside of my leg. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with 2nd degree burns, very painful burns in an awkward location on my leg. I religiously sprayed and applied CV Skinlabs Rescue and Relief Spray and Restorative Skin Balm on the burns for 1-week and saw a significant healing process take effect almost immediately. And RELIEF is a very apropos name for this product, the burning sensation was alleviated almost immediately. And RESCUE is another perfect word because this product literally rescued me both with the severe pain and also the scarring which dissipated quickly. I know for a fact that over the counter products like Neosporin or other salves and balms wouldn’t have been half as effective. I will, from now on, have all of my CV Skinlabs signature products on hand for any given skin emergency!”


Melissa Goddard, Pediatric Nurse, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

“As a nurse I probably wash my hands and use a hand sanitizer over a hundred times a day combine that with the cold New England winters and the result is cracked skin that bleeds and is quite painful. I applied the Restorative Skin Balm to my hands daily where I typically experience the harshest effect of my hand washing requirements and have not had any skin dryness, cracking or bleeding. A co-worker used it on a painful split on her thumb and in one day the split was no longer painful and after two days healing was evident. I also use it on my lips and I have to say this is my first winter that I haven’t had chapped lips even though this is one of the coldest winters we’ve had to endure.”


Jolene Hart, Beauty and Health Coach and Author, Eat Pretty

“The healing botanicals in CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm proved their potency by soothing my cooking burn overnight. After a few days of morning and evening applications, the burn healed completely, leaving only a barely visible mark. I’d recommend this powerful yet gentle balm as a first aid essential for every home.”


Dr. Alejandro Junger, Cardiologist and Cleanse Specialist

“The Clean Team’s go-to line for treating eczema, rosacea, and dry skin is CV Skinlabs. Our favorites are the Restorative Skin Balm and the Rescue and Relief Spray. We’ve seen the balm aid in healing scars and rashes, and the spray is great for post shave use and for adding moisture throughout the day. Not only do the products work, but they are made with natural and high quality ingredients that we trust. Britta and her team have created a safe product line for treating compromised skin, and that is so important in an industry filled with toxic products!”



Christine Lilienfeld, Oncology Nurse Boston Mass

“I love CV Skinlabs products for my family, my patients, and myself. The Restorative Skin Balm is my favorite for those irritated patches of dry skin in the winter months, and the Calming Moisture is so gentle – it really lives up to its name. I have several patients who swear by the Calming Moisture for chemotherapy and radiation induced skin irritation. The Rescue and Relief Spray provides instant benefit to irritated skin and will be my go to during the summer months for those unexpected sunburns! I would also like to recommend Britta’s book, When Cancer Hits, to anyone dealing with this diagnosis. It is a comprehensive, expertly written book that both patients and caregivers will find indispensable. ”

Sue Dorff, Blogger of Toxic Beauty Rehab

“I can’t shut up about the Calming Moisture when I talk to people, and it’s saved my husbands skin during allergy season. I know people SAY they can’t live without it, but I’ve tried living without it, and it wasn’t pretty. Needless to say, my skin drinks this up, I’ve never broken out no matter how much I put on, and I look healthy and glowing every time I use it on my face. For me, I use this all over my face in the evenings before I go to sleep. Here’s the best thing, a little goes a looooong way. So I use this on average , 6 days a week and a tube will last me 4 – 6 months. YUP. But as I mentioned before you can put this on any irritated skin: chafed skin, raw skin for allergies, dandruff, sun burn, post treatment, etc.”


Nicolle Makinnon, Magazine Editor, Writer for No More Dirty Looks, Social Media Consultant, Eat Pretty

“The Body Repair Lotion is practically perfect for right after I’ve shaved my too-dry legs. It helps prevent razor burn + it doesn’t have a scent that requires all other fragrances bow to it. I love that for when I want to layer a body oil on top for an added boost, though the lotion itself is totally enough moisture. This would also dominate as an eczema or after-sun treatment.”


Joanna Vargas, Owner at Joanna Vargas Skincare NYC

“As an aesthetician in New York City, I am constantly seeing skin conditions caused by stress, pollution, and medical conditions. My clients come to me for help because they know that I will help them get to the answer no matter whether their issue is skin, diet or something else. Having great healthy solutions standing by is of the utmost importance to me. CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm has become a great go to product for almost any acute skin condition. I gave it to people suffering from eczema this past winter, to people suffering from extreme dryness, to my clients with auto-immune issues. I love the fact that I don’t have to vet the ingredients because Britta has done that for her clients. I would highly recommend the Restorative Skin Balm to anyone with delicate or dry skin. I even used it on my son’s nose when it got red from a cold recently. His redness was gone by morning. Non-toxic with a great result!”



Heather McPhie, Olympic Freestyle Mogul Skier

“After using the Calming Moisture for the last three months I can tell you I’m THRILLED with the product in all weather conditions. I’ve been in the humid, hot climates of Costa Rica and Thailand, as well as the dry heat of Utah these past few months and my skin feels amazing! I love that you don’t need to use much of the product, it has been perfect for my sensitive skin, and it keeps my face feeling good all day and night. I have pretty sensitive skin, so I was hesitant to try a new brand, but I’ve never used a product that feels better. My skin glows more than it did before, and I have had fewer breakouts these past few months, even with all the travel. CV Skinlabs products are my favorite I have used for my active, sensitive skin needs!”

Rona Berg, Editor-in-Chief, Organic Spa Magazine

“Before I forget to tell you, I want you to know that your face/neck cream works wonders on my sensitive skin! Amazing product, and it worked overnight! My skin doesn’t always do well in hot weather, and Calming Moisture made it “all better,” as my daughter used to say!”



Britanie Faith, Natural Beauty Advocate, Makeup Artist & Beauty Blogger of Beauty by Britanie

Beauty Blogger Britanie Faith covered how she grew out her brows by using the Restorative Skin Balm. Read her full post, 5 Steps to Grow Bold & Dramatic Eyebrows ~ Naturally.



Tara Mackey, Model, Beauty Blogger

“I used CV Skinlabs products on my Dad when he was battling his last few months of brain cancer, so the feel, smell and brand reminds me of him because it was the only product that truly helped his skin during chemo. I first connected with Founder Britta because she developed CV Skinlabs for her own Father during his battle with cancer. The Rescue and Relief Spray is one I use for myself daily on my legs, arms and body to combat redness, inflammation and psoriasis.”




Ashley Walsh, Head Makeup Artist, MTV’s Scream

“My lead Actress, Willa Fitzgerald, introduced me to your product line when she personally requested the Restorative Skin Care (for her lips) and the Body Repair Lotion for the rest of her body. After ordering the product for her and subsequently seeing the results on her face, I am officially a convert. My approach to the design of the show has always been the idea of introducing the younger generations to upscale makeup and skincare, whilst maintaining the edge and relevancy they crave. About 80% of my makeup applications focus on the vibrancy and dewiness of the skin, which is why skincare is so important to me on a show. Your product seems to give my looks that extra edge it needs, and it’s popularity is quickly catching in the trailer, thanks to our lead!”


Jillian Wright, Owner Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa and Co-founder Indie Beauty Expo

CV Skinlabs Balm is a lifesaver for my skin. During the harsh winter months and even in the Fall when the atmosphere becomes drier, the delicate areas of my face need more TLC. Underneath my nose becomes very dry and cracked. A traditional moisturizer isn’t enough for keeping that area healthy. Every night, I use it under my nose and on areas of my face that need at little extra hydration and care. I even apply it in my nostrils to keep my sinuses moist throughout the night. Doing so, eliminates the need for a humidifier and lessens the chance of sinus infections, which I am prone. I love the texture and smell and cannot live without it.”




As seen at the Emmys Style Lounge 2013


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