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Why Your Skincare at Night Routine is So Important

The most important part of your skincare regimen is your skincare at night routine. What you do before you go to bed can either help your skin look younger or make it look older. Neglect your skin at this critical time and you won’t be happy with how it looks! Here’s why you absolutely must […]

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Castor Oil Benefits
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Why Castor Oil is One Beauty Trend We Can Get Behind!

If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ve probably run across some posts about castor oil. TikTok influencers say it can do everything from growing hair to easing abdominal complaints. We always warn our customers to be cautious about social media beauty trends, as often they’re based on a lot of hype and little real […]

Body Care Routine
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5 Reasons It’s Important to Have a Body Care Routine

Most of us are pretty good at tending to the skin on our faces—but what about body care? According to a survey by Venus, 76 percent of women place more importance on their facial skincare regime than their body care routine. Nearly a third (29 percent) admitted to not knowing how to look after their […]

Clean Beauty Lip Balm
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Why It’s So Important to Use Clean Beauty Lip Balm

Why worry about clean beauty lip balm? There are a lot of options out there when it comes to lip balm. It may be hard sometimes to figure out which one is best. We want to help. Here’s why it’s super important to be careful when shopping for lip balm. You Need Clean Beauty Lip […]