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Attract positive energy and good luck
'THINK' Yourself Well + Skin, Lip and Body Care

Boost Skin Health When You Attract Positive Energy and Good Luck!

How do you attract positive energy and good luck? You may think it’s impossible. After all, when something lucky happens to you, it probably seems pretty “out of the blue,” and like you did nothing to cause it. But scientists have been exploring this idea of luck for a while, and they’ve found that lucky

'THINK' Yourself Well + Skin, Lip and Body Care

What You Need to Know About Mental Health and Skin

Do mental health and skin go together? You may have thought so at one time or another. No doubt you’ve experienced the occasional acne breakout when you were stressed or depressed. What you may not know is that scientists have found more evidence to support this connection in recent years. Indeed, it seems that taking

'THINK' Yourself Well

7 Ways Being Kind Makes Your Life Better

Want to avoid the cold and flu this holiday season? In addition to getting your rest, eating well, and exercising daily, try this: do something nice for someone else. Indeed, acts of kindness have been found to help boost the immune system! But that’s not all. Find out how being kind not only helps others

'THINK' Yourself Well + Skin, Lip and Body Care

How Your Beauty Routine Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

How do you feel when you’re taking care of your skin? According to a thread on Reddit’s Makeup Addiction, a lot of people feel like their skin care and makeup routines do more than simply boost their appearance. Responders referred to their routines as “self-care,” noting they made them feel better on bad days, helped

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