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Is Eczema Seasonal?
Eczema and Dermatitis

Is Eczema Seasonal? If So, How To Cope

If you have eczema, you may be wondering: Is eczema seasonal? Most people with eczema do notice that it changes depending on the weather and the moisture—or lack of it—in the air. In this post, we explain the potential seasonal nature of eczema and how you can modify your skincare routine to help keep your […]

Gluten and Dry Skin
Eczema and Dermatitis + Psoriasis

Gluten and Dry Skin, Rashes, Eczema, and Psoriasis

Is there a connection between gluten and dry skin? According to researchers and health organizations, there is. In addition to that, gluten sensitivity or intolerance may cause other skin issues like itching, rashes, and dermatitis. What is the Connection Between Gluten and Dry Skin? Scientists say it’s common for intestinal diseases—like celiac disease—to cause symptoms […]

Dry and Sensitive Skin
Eczema and Dermatitis + Psoriasis

Are Dry and Sensitive Skin the Same?

Dry and sensitive skin: are they the same thing, or different? Can you have both? This is a question some of our customers have asked us, so we wanted to answer it here. About Dry and Sensitive Skin Dry skin and sensitive skin are two different things, but it is common for them to occur […]

Skin Redness
Eczema and Dermatitis + Psoriasis

Is Skin Redness a Sign of Sensitive Skin?

If you have skin redness, does that automatically mean that you have sensitive skin? Or is it a different thing? Either way, how can you make it better? We answer all these questions below! What is Skin Redness? Skin redness—sometimes called erythema or flushing—is usually a symptom of some other skin problem. The skin takes […]

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