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Sensitive Acne-Prone Skin Primer

Holiday Makeup Primer Tips for Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin

Is it possible to enjoy the benefits of a makeup primer even if you have sensitive, acne-prone skin? What Does a Makeup Primer Do? A makeup primer or face primer as it’s sometimes called is a product that helps your makeup look more flawless. Primers entered the beauty world a little over a decade ago. […]

Make-up + Skin, Lip and Body Care

7 Tips to Help You Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

It’s time—time for cleaning out old winter stuff and embracing the spring season with brighter colors, lighter fabrics, and yes, springier skincare and makeup, too! Just like you may deep-clean your house and swap out your wardrobe, you’ll want to go through your skincare regimen too, so you can give your skin and your look […]

Make-up + Skin, Lip and Body Care

7 Ways to Spring-Clean Your Beauty Routine

It’s starting to feel like spring, isn’t it? All that sunshine and warm weather can get you in the mood for freshening up. Maybe you’ve already overhauled your closet, or cleaned up your home. But you may have forgotten one very important thing that needs cleaning: your beauty routine. When was the last time you […]

Breast Cancer + Eczema and Dermatitis

Cancer & Confidence: Let Us Help You Feel Beautiful!

Let’s not beat around the bush: cancer treatments are tough. If you’re going through chemotherapy and/or radiation, you know how it goes. Side effects may include nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and skin redness, fragility, and inflammation. You may go through hair thinning or hair loss, and your fingernails may get weak and break more often. […]

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