7 Ways to Spring-Clean Your Beauty Routine

+ Pamela Friedman

It’s starting to feel like spring, isn’t it? All that sunshine and warm weather can get you in the mood for freshening up.

Maybe you’ve already overhauled your closet, or cleaned up your home. But you may have forgotten one very important thing that needs cleaning: your beauty routine.

When was the last time you went through your makeup bag, or really thought about your daily skin care routine? It’s probably been a while, so we want to help. Updating your products and your routine can help boost your confidence and energy as you head on out there to enjoy the new season.

7 Tips to Refresh Your Spring Skin Care Routine

1. Check expiration dates on your skin care and makeup products.

If you have organic or natural products with expiration dates on them, be sure to go through these and get rid of those that are too old. These products can degrade with time, and if you continue using them, they may cause infections or inflammation.

In addition, go through the products that don’t have expiration dates, particularly those you use around your eyes and lips. Mascara should be thrown away after three months, and all other products after six months, earlier if they smell funny or start to become discolored.

2. Check for toxic ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin.

How clean and natural is your beauty routine? Are you using products that are actually healthy for your skin, or are you slathering on a bunch of potentially toxic chemicals? Now is the time to more closely examine your supplies, particularly your skin care products.

Your skin will respond with more health and radiance if you choose products that contain natural and safe ingredients that nourish without irritation. (Check out our CV Skinlabs products for nourishing face and body care!)

3. Clean your brushes to avoid irritated skin.

If you use makeup brushes to apply your makeup, it’s time to give them a good clean. Ideally, they should be cleaned once a week. Simply wash them in warm water and dish soap (or you can purchase a special brush shampoo), then allow them to air dry. If you use a face cleansing brush, you should wash that as well, or swap out the head for a new one.

4. Go for lighter products.

It’s time to check your lotions, moisturizers, and foundations and ask yourself: Do I need a lighter formula? We often need thick, heavy formulas to combat winter dryness, but as the weather warms up, your skin will probably respond better to lighter products (unless you’re super dry).

Particularly if you tend to be acne-prone, it’s probably time to choose more water-based moisturizers and foundations. Simply stow away your heavier products for the next winter, or for when you experience an unexpected attack of dryness.

5. Toss what isn’t working.

Once you get rid of the old and heavy products, it’s time to re-evaluate the rest. Are the products you have left ones that you’re using regularly, or are they just taking up space in your cabinet or drawer? Don’t be afraid to toss those that just don’t appeal to you anymore. It’s fun to update your look for spring!

Your skin may have changed over the past year, too, meaning that you need to change with it. Think about each product you have and be honest about how it makes your skin look and feel. Then consider updating to a fresh palette of color as you revamp your beauty routine.

6. Update your sunscreen to protect from red, flaky skin.

Hopefully you’ve been using your sunscreen all winter long, but now it’s even more important as you’ll likely be outside more often. Make sure you have a product that’s safe to use—zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the safest sunscreen ingredients.

7. Reorganize.

How do you store your skin care and makeup products? Are they scattered all over the bathroom or bedroom dresser? If so, it’s time to get organized. You can use draw dividers to make it easier to keep things in place in a drawer, or try old coffee mugs, trays, candle jars, or other types of fun containers to keep hold of those products you use most often.

How do you spring-clean your beauty routine?

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