7 Tips to Help You Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

+ Pamela Friedman

It’s time—time for cleaning out old winter stuff and embracing the spring season with brighter colors, lighter fabrics, and yes, springier skincare and makeup, too!

Just like you may deep-clean your house and swap out your wardrobe, you’ll want to go through your skincare regimen too, so you can give your skin and your look a fresh start.

1. Wash Your Brushes

You know you need to do this, but you probably haven’t gotten around to it. This is the perfect time. Simply use warm water and a gentle shampoo, wash the brushes with your fingers, and lay them out to air dry.

This is an important step, as your brushes gather bacteria from your skin every time you use them. Without proper cleaning, they can deposit bacteria back onto your face, increasing the risk for acne breakouts and infection.

2. Check Expiration Dates

Spring is a great time to go through and trash the old, expired items. Check your expiration dates on foundations and other liquids. For those products without them, throw away any that no longer look right (ingredients have separated) or that smell funny.

Mascara is safe for only three months, so if yours is older than that, toss it. Liquid liners and concealers should go after six months. Beyond that, use your best judgment, but don’t keep anything more than a year.

3. Reorganize

If you’re like most of us, your makeup drawer and/or bag is a little…ahem…messy. The best approach is to take everything out, clean out the drawer or bag with an antibacterial wipe or cleaning cloth soaked in warm soap and water. As it’s drying, go through everything, toss what’s old and worn out, and put back only those things you’ll be using from now on.

Then consider upping your organization factor. You can use candle jars, decorative mugs, colored trays, and other containers to keep things where they’re easy to access, but won’t clutter up your space.

4. Update Your Moisturizer

Wintertime typically requires a heavy moisturizer or butter to keep your skin from drying and cracking. With the warmer weather, however, comes more humid air, so it may be time to lighten up on what you’re using. Look for lighter options that continue to hydrate without being too heavy for those sunny days.

Of course, if you use our CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture and Body Repair Lotion, you’re fine all year round!

5. Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells Away

What we all want this time of year is a healthy, spring-like glow. If you’re still dealing with dry, dull winter skin, it’s time to get rid of that uppermost layer. Exfoliation can help slough off dead skin cells, revealing younger cells underneath.

Avoid harsh products that have tiny grainy ingredients that can irritate skin and cause acne or redness. Choose instead gentle exfoliators made of fruit acids, or make your own. Good ingredients to use include honey and baking soda (good for oily skin), banana and ground oatmeal, egg whites, and yogurt.

6. Get a Little Sun

Particularly if you live in the northern latitudes, you may be a little low on your vitamin D after a long, dark winter. Feel free to get some unprotected sun exposure, but be smart about your skin.

Start slow, going out for only 10-15 minutes before adding your favorite sunscreen. To keep your face looking it’s best, expose other areas to the sun, like your arms and legs, while always protecting your face with sunscreen (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are best).

Gradually extend your time up to 30 minutes for best overall health, then make sure you continue to protect your skin throughout the rest of the day.

7. Let Your Skin Glow

In addition to updating your skincare items, you also want to take a look at how you’re applying makeup. Spring is a time to go a little lighter, not only because it looks fresher, but also because it’s less risky on warm days that can inspire sweating.

Go for a lighter foundation, or mix your favorite brand with a little bit of tinted moisturizer to give yourself that youthful glow. Try using just a light wash of color on your eyes, add a little highlighter on your cheekbones, then finish it off with a little berry-toned blush.

How do you update your beauty routine for spring?

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