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Do You Really Need a Skincare Fridge?

This is the question on social media these days: Do you really need a skincare fridge? Like any beauty tool, there are pros and cons to this one. Below, we give you the information you need to decide for yourself. What is a Skincare Fridge? The skincare fridge is a fairly new beauty product that

Facial Icing

Is Facial Icing Okay for Sensitive Skin?

TikTok has started another beauty trend—this time, it’s facial icing. Is this good for your skin? What if you have sensitive skin? We explore it all below! What is Facial Icing? Facial icing is just what it sounds like: you put ice on your face! You may have already been doing this—using an ice cube

Rosacea Immune Disease
Rosacea and Flushing + Uncategorized

Is Rosacea an Autoimmune Disease?

You may have seen the headlines online or on social media: Is rosacea an autoimmune disease? The simple answer is, we don’t know yet. There have been some studies over the past few years, though, that have suggested there may be a link. If you have rosacea, this is something you should know. After all,

Non-Toxic Products Sensitive Skin

Why It’s So Important to Use Non-Toxic Products on Sensitive Skin

Have you noticed that we’ve all gotten a little more sensitive lately? Our skin, that is. We’ve noticed it here at CV Skinlabs because our Calming Moisture—which like all our products, is made specifically for sensitive skin—is more popular than ever. But apparently we’re not the only ones seeing this trend. Researchers recently reported that

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