Do You Really Need a Skincare Fridge?

+ Pamela Friedman

This is the question on social media these days: Do you really need a skincare fridge?

Like any beauty tool, there are pros and cons to this one. Below, we give you the information you need to decide for yourself.

What is a Skincare Fridge?

The skincare fridge is a fairly new beauty product that is made to store some of your skincare and cosmetic items at cooler temperatures.

You may already store some of your products in your regular refrigerator. The idea is the same, except there are some key differences between a regular fridge and a skincare fridge.

First, the temperature. A regular refrigerator runs between 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit because that’s the temperature that keeps most food items fresh while avoiding spoilage as long as possible.

A skincare fridge runs a little warmer—usually between 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit. That helps keep certain products cool without making them so cold that the solution is damaged or the texture altered beyond usability.

Second, skincare fridges are quite a bit smaller than regular refrigerators. They’re meant to be stored in your bathroom or bedroom so that you have your products handy when you need them.

Finally, skincare fridges come with several additional features like mirrors, shelves, and even Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers. They are also available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose what fits best into your lifestyle.

Can’t I Just Use My Regular Refrigerator for My Skincare Products?

The short answer is: yes, you can. But you may not be happy with it.

Because a regular refrigerator is colder than a skincare fridge, some of your beauty products may harden when you store them there. Others may lose their spreadability or experience separation.

This is possible in a skincare fridge too, but slightly less so because it’s not quite as cold.

The regular fridge is also in the kitchen, normally, which means you’ll have to go from the bathroom or bedroom to the kitchen to get your products and then return them when you’re done. Not a big deal, but not convenient either.

Am I Shortchanging Myself By Not Having a Skincare Fridge?

The truth is that all beauty products are made to be stored at room temperature. That means manufacturers expect you will store them in your room or bathroom cabinet. They design them to work well under those conditions.

Likely, you’ve been going about your skincare routine for years without cooling any of your products, and that’s just fine. Unless it’s specifically noted on the product label that it must be refrigerated, it’s typically no less potent and you can feel safe using it when stored at room temperature.

On the other hand, some ingredients do indeed lose their potency when exposed to heat or light. More fragile ingredients, in particular, like antioxidants and vitamins, may last longer when stored at cooler temperatures.

If you live in a warm climate, you may also want to think about a skincare fridge, especially for some products without preservatives.

What Products Work Best In a Skincare Fridge?

Getting a skincare fridge does not mean putting all your beauty products into it. That’s because some products don’t do well when stored at cooler temperatures. Others may last longer or feel nicer when you apply them.

Products that Work Well in a Skincare Fridge

Vitamin C Serums

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help rebuild collagen and even skin tone. When exposed to heat and light, it can break down more quickly. A skincare fridge can help retain its effectiveness.

Retinol Products

These are made out of vitamin A derivatives, so they too can degrade when exposed to heat and light.


Ampoules typically have powerful, more fragile ingredients inside them. Check the label, but they will often last longer and remain more effective if stored at cooler temperatures.

Eye Creams

If you struggle with puffy eyes and dark circles, you may want to store your eye creams and gels in a skincare fridge. This will make them cool when going on, which can increase their effectiveness.

Beauty Masks

Many moisturizing gel masks and sheet masks may feel better going on if you keep them cool. Just make sure they don’t have oil in them as the oil may separate.


Any misting spray—toner, refresher, etc.—is likely to feel better going on cool. We often recommend storing our Rescue + Relief Spray in the fridge as the cool temperatures supercharge the products’ natural cooling abilities (although it’s not necessary—you can use it at room temperature too.) Spray it over your face and body and let it go to work removing heat and calming redness.

Skincare Tools

This is where a skincare fridge can really shine. A cool jade roller? So refreshing! Cool face globe? Delightful!

Products Best Kept Out of a Skincare Fridge


Most makeup items do not perform well when chilled. Foundations can separate and become difficult to spread. Eye shadow, blush, and bronzer can harden. Mascaras can become near impossible to work with. Keep these stored at room temperature.

Oil-Based Products

Often products that have oils in them will separate when stored in a refrigerator. This can damage the texture of your product and make it more difficult to spread. It may also make it harder for your skin to absorb the ingredients. Read your ingredient list before choosing where to store the product.

Clay Masks

These are great for oily skin as they can help absorb excess oil and reduce the appearance of pores. Clay does not do well when chilled, however. The mask can harden, which means you won’t be able to apply it until you warm it up.

Nail Polishes

These are best stored at room temperature. Cooler temps can thicken the solution or cause separation.

Food and Drinks

You can put these into your skincare fridge, but keep in mind that usually, the temperatures are lower than what they’d be in a regular refrigerator. Use caution to make sure that your food doesn’t go bad.

What Skincare Fridge is Best for You?

If you decide you’d like to try a skincare fridge, keep in mind that there are a lot of options out there. They run from about $30 to $100 or more for the more premiere models. Estimate how many products you’ll want to store, then check the size. The smaller ones are about 5” x 5” x 8”, while the larger ones can be up to 10” x 21” x 29” or more.

You can choose your favorite color, design, and extra features. Some have carrying handles if you think you may want a portable option.

Do you have a skincare fridge? Do you like it?

Featured image by Rachel Claire via Pexels.

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