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Breast Cancer + Caregiving

Safe Skin Care Revolution Tour-Stop #1: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Side effects from cancer treatments can be extremely difficult to deal with. Aside from the expected hair loss and thinning eyelashes, patients can suffer from hand and foot syndrome, redness and burns, rashes, and embarrassing dryness and flaking. Cancer centers recommend products, but many of them are full of petroleum-based ingredients, carcinogens, hormone disruptors and

Great Cancer Organizations + Hair Care

Losing Your Hair During Cancer-How to Cope, from an Expert on the Subject

For many women, coping with hair loss during chemotherapy treatments can be one of the most difficult challenges of cancer. Susan Beausang, founder of “” has researched the topic of hair loss to determine just how much it affects women and what they can do about it. Susan comes from a family with three generations

Wigs and Scarves

Done with Your Wig After Cancer Treatments? Donate It!

You bought that wig to help you get through chemotherapy, but now you’re done and your hair is growing back.

Side Effects + Wigs and Scarves

Side Effect: Wigs that Cause Hot, Itchy Scalp-Tips to Increase Comfort

If you’ve lost your hair due to chemotherapy treatments, you may have gotten a wig to get you through until your treatments are over and your hair grows back again.

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