Crepey Skin
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How to Prevent and Treat Thin, Wrinkled Crepey Skin

You look in the mirror one day and there it is: crepey skin. How did that happen? And what can you do about it? What Is Crepey Skin? The main way we identify crepey skin is by its thin, crepe-paper-like appearance. (Imagine that crepe paper you buy at stores to make streamers—it’s skin that looks


Do You Really Need a Skincare Fridge?

This is the question on social media these days: Do you really need a skincare fridge? Like any beauty tool, there are pros and cons to this one. Below, we give you the information you need to decide for yourself. What is a Skincare Fridge? The skincare fridge is a fairly new beauty product that

Back to School Skin Care
Skin, Lip and Body Care

7 Tips for Back-to-School Skincare Routine

Whether you’re headed back to middle school, high school, or college, you may want to think about a back-to-school skincare routine. That’s because going back to school can be stressful. There’s the new environment, schedule, academic demands, peer expectations, and more to deal with. All these changes can increase inflammation, disrupt the outer barrier, and

Does Salt Water Help Skin
Skin, Lip and Body Care

Does Salt Water Help Skin, Even If It’s Sensitive?

Some of our customers have been asking, “Does salt water help skin? What if it’s sensitive?” It’s a good time of year to ask that question, as many of us are headed to the beach. Let’s look at the pros and cons of using salt water or sea salt on your skin. Salt Water and