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What is Dead Skin Anyway and Why Is It Bad for You?

You’ve heard the recommendations. “You should get rid of dead skin. It builds up and makes you dull. Exfoliate regularly if you want to look younger.” All this talk about dead skin. What is it anyway, and why are we so obsessed? What Is Dead Skin? It’s sort of creepy to think that we have

Skin, Lip and Body Care

How to Care for Skin During Perimenopause and Menopause

Women know all about how hormonal changes affect their skin. Every month, we have to deal with acne breakouts, enlarged pores, redness, and skin that’s just generally problematic. Then, when our hormones calm down again, our skin goes back to normal (we hope). It seems you just get the hang of dealing with these monthly

Hand Sanitizer
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The Dangers of Hand Sanitizer and How to Stay Safe

We’re all using hand sanitizer a lot more these days. You can find it pretty much everywhere, from the grocery store to the restaurant to the retail store to the doctor’s office to your kids’ school to your home kitchen sink. You may even have some in your desk drawer, purse, and car. Hand sanitizers


10 Ways to Enjoy a Restorative Staycation This Year

Time off is good for you. It allows you to get away from your everyday life and enjoy something new, but it can also help you reduce stress, decrease your risk of burnout, lift your mood, and give you a chance to reflect on how your life is going. This year, many of us are