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Side Effects + Skin, Lip and Body Care

What You Can Expect from Radiation Treatments

Let’s address the difficult problem of radiation burns.

Rosacea and Flushing + Side Effects

Oucchhh! Products to Help Cool and Soothe Painful Radiation Burns

You’re so desperate for relief from pain and itching, you may be tempted to apply anything from your bathroom cupboard…but wait! Never use anything on the irritated site without discussing it first with your healthcare provider (whether the product is natural or not). Most doctors suggest skipping all skincare products for at least 4 hours

Skin, Lip and Body Care + Toxic Talk and Labels

Product Packaging: How To Keep Your Products Bacteria-Free

If you fear that infections may arise from tiny bacteria lurking in your bathroom and personal-care products…your fear is justified.

Skin, Lip and Body Care

The Tough Guys’ Guide to Shaving During Treatment (Go Stubbly, Man!)

Okay, guys, we know how tough you are, but if you’re going through chemotherapy or radiation, your skin is not.