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CV Skinlabs Turned 2 Years Old March 15th! Celebrate our Anniversary with Our Gifts for You

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cv skinlabs birthday

We want to thank each and every one of you who have supported us along the way. Your enthusiasm has been so key to our success.

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Here’s an abbreviated list of all the blessings and gifts that have happened in the last 2 years-so grateful for all of them!

1) Featured in Magazines and Beauty Blogs

CVSkinlabs_EspanolFeature copyShortly after we launched, we were featured in a number of magazines, like US Weekly, Organic Spa Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, and People en Espanol.

“CV Skinlabs Rescue + Relief Spray, which contains soothing chamomile and water lily, can be used all over the body to take the skin out of almost any irritation, literally and figuratively,” said Real Simple Magazine.

Beauty and organic bloggers also found us quickly, loving the fact that our products didn’t contain harsh chemicals and toxins. Bella Sugar, Beso, Beauty is Wellness, My Beauty Bunny, Refinery 29, Beauty Info Zone, Blushing Noir, and many more raved about the way our products refreshed and nourished skin, while leaving behind a healthy glow.

“This multi-tasking, natural salve [Restorative Skin Balm] does all those things your tube or tub of Vaseline does (except expose you to toxins) and much more,” wrote Well and Good NYC. “It helps heal, protect, and soothe everything-from lips addicted to Chapstick and raw, chapped hands that split in winter, so seriously sensitive, inflamed skin.”

Britanie Faith, founder of “Beauty by Britanie,” sent us these before and after pictures, and told us she couldn’t be without any of our products!









Click to see where else CV Skinlabs has appeared in the media, and to read all our testimonials.

testimonial_kateyd2) The Choice of Celebrity Makeup Artists

Soon, news of our toxin-free formulations spread. Kristen Arnett’s Green Beauty Team raved about our Rescue + Relief Spray as a summer skin essential. Other celebrity makeup artist who rave about CV Skinlabs include Jessa Blades, Rebecca Casciano, Julie Harris and Katey Denno (pictured here).

Healing Lifetstyle Balm3) Won An Award for “Best All-Around Healer for Our Balm

In April 2013, were named the “Best All-Around Healer by Healing Lifestyle & Spa’s Earth Day Beauty Awards. “This balm takes care of them all,” they said, “with ingredients that have real healing benefits (not just a barrier of petroleum and silicone).”

bump4) A Hit in the Pregnancy and Baby Market

Moms and expectant moms love us because they know they can use our products without fear of any toxic effects. We attended the “Summer Glow on the Go!” event sponsored by The Bump, a top mom’s website. Stay-at-home mom Kristen Range recommended us shortly after the event.

CVSkin_Testimonials_LathamThomasLatham Thomas, founder of “Mama Glow,” told us, “the range of products have protected me and my 9-year-old son’s skin from harsh weather conditions. I have to say CV definitely helps me GLOW!”

And healthy living expert Sara Jane Mercer was so happy when our products helped her daughter recover from a nasty cut. “I treated her cut with your Restorative Skin Balm for a week and now there is basically no mark!” she said. “Thank you for making such wonderful products that I feel safe putting on my girl!”










5) Made it Backstage at Fashion Week in 2013

“Calming Moisture minimizes redness, hydrates, and helps keep skin healthy despite what’s being done to it during Fashion Week,” said Kristen Arnett, international makeup artist and founder of Green Beauty Team. “Indeed-models are loving this!”

We were also part of Fashion Week’s Green Beauty Night, September 2013. With the renewed awareness of toxins in personal care products, Fashion Week launched this event for the first time in 2013, and we were so honored to britnaeparticipate. What a great step forward to have this top-of-the-line event in beauty recognize the importance of using safe products!

Here I am with Britanie Faith, founder of “Beauty by Britanie.”

6) We were at The Emmys Gifting Suite in 2013!

One of the most glamorous few days we experienced was when we went to the Emmys Gifting Suite in Los Angeles in September 2013. Talk about exciting! We had all kinds of actors, actresses, and musicians trying our products, and loving the results. I so enjoyed interacting with them and telling them about what we do at CV Skinlabs.

Matt LeBlanc and Writers from EpisodesAudrina Patridge and BrittaThe response was really rewarding. Former “Destiny’s Child” member Michelle Williams raved about our Body Repair Lotion. Here I am with actor Matt LeBlanc and other writers from “Episodes,” and another with actress Audrina Patridge.

We saw so many other recognizable faces over those few days. See them all on our post about the event!

7) Safe Skin Care Revolution Campaign: Raised Over $16,000 to Donate Products to Cancer Centers

All along, we have held true to our roots of being a company that produces safe products for even the most fragile of us to use with peace of mind.

In 2013, we started the “Safe Skin Care Revolution,” and devoted our efforts to an Indigogo campaign to raise money to get our products into hospitals and cancer centers.


Many of you supported us in that endeavor, and for that we all remain so grateful! We were even featured on the big screen in Times Square during the event! We raised just over $16,000, and I’m so excited to now be using those funds to visit cancer centers and spread the word about safe skin care. We have already gone to:

  1. friends-place-largeThe Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where we educated healthcare providers on safe skin care alternatives, and CV Skinlabs products to patients. The book is now sold here, the number one cancer institute in the country.
  2. St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT, where again, we educated healthcare providers and donated products. One of the doctors had this to say about our Restorative Skin Balm: “When prescription ointments failed to help a child I knew who was undergoing chemotherapy after surgery, I used the Restorative Skin Balm on her incision because her skin was extremely sensitive and fragile. It was safe and gentle and she was able to tolerate it when everything else hurt or burned. Now, I recommend this line of products to everyone.
  3. Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, where we again gave away books and products, and spoke with nurses and doctors about safe skin care. “My seven-year-old patient has been afflicted with a hard, plaque-type rash on her upper extremities that is incredibly itchy,” said one of the nurses. “I gave her samples of the skin balm and when she came back about three weeks later, her mom asked for more samples because that is the only thing that has helped so far.”

8) CV Skinlabs a Hit in the Medical Community-Now Involved in Clinical Trials

Dr. Frank Lipman has long been a fan of CV Skinlabs, and talks here about his experience with our Rescue + Relief Spray. We found similar opinions among the doctors and nurses we visited with at the cancer centers and hospitals, and soon had a generous offer to conduct clinical trials on our products.

We are about to start Phase II trials on breast cancer patients, and feel so honored that physicians and nurses have had such phenomenal success with CV Skinlabs that they want to perform trials on the products! This way, they’ll have research showing the efficacy of our formulas when used on severely compromised skin. Meanwhile, we plan to continue our tour to other cancer centers and hospitals, spreading the word about the importance of safe skin care!

9) CV Skinlabs Now Sold in Canada

I was so excited when we launched CV Skinlabs in Canada! Jody Bal, M.D., launched CV Skinlabs in her store in January 2014. Our products can also be found online at Health Hut Boutique, Louche Lily and Clementine Fields for our Canadian customers.

Find all the locations that feature CV Skinlabs in the U.S. here!

What’s Next for CV Skinlabs?

Whew! You can see that we’ve been very busy! But we are still a young company, and I’m really looking forward to the years to come. Here are just a few of our goals for the future:

  • Continue Giving Back: I’m continuing with my efforts to give back to the cancer community, and teach about the importance of safe self care whenever I can. I was recently a part of a panel at the Hillman Cancer Center, I will continue to lecture at Gilda’s Club, New York City, and am enjoying giving back to our charities of choice.
  • Continue Our Work with Cancer Centers & Hospitals: We plan to continue with our “Safe Skincare Revolution Tour” to cancer centers and hospitals, where we donate books and products, interacting with health care providers, and teaching about the importance of avoiding toxins in skin care, especially for those with very sensitive skin.
  • Clinical Trials: Now that these are underway, we will be watching them closely, and participating as we need to by supplying products. We’re excited to see where these studies take us.
  • Worldwide Distribution: We want CV Skinlabs products to be available for everyone who needs them, so we will continue to work with our retailers here in the U.S., and are also excited to broaden our reach throughout the world! Our first stop? The United Kingdom! Stay tuned for the U.K. launch.
  • Line Expansion: Yes, for those of you who have been asking, we do have plans to expand the line! That’s all I can say for now, but stay tuned for the exciting developments.

Not Possible Without My Motivation-Find Your WHY, and It Will Get You Through the Toughest Times

We want to let all of you know that I so appreciate the support and encouragement along the way! It makes such a difference as we face the inevitable challenges that a young business brings that we have all of you to keep working for.

What do you think of our journey so far? Please share your thoughts.

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