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Attitude of Gratitude Contest: Share Your Attitude of Gratitude in Times of Adversity, Inspire Others, and Enter to Win CV Skinlabs Full Collection!

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Times of adversity can show up in all sorts of ways in our lives. For myself and millions of others, Hurricane Sandy is a good example. By the grace of God, I’m safe and have power, but it’s not the same story for a lot of other people. Some have had to deal with the devastating news that a loved one was lost. Others are facing the destruction of their homes. Millions have been left without power, and may be coping with the loss of refrigerators full of food.

Adversity can also hit us through life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer. I know that while my father was fighting his battle with the disease, especially when it became clear that he was not going to win, ultimately, I felt a lot of emotions, but gratitude wasn’t one of them-not at first. I felt angry that the treatments weren’t working, upset that he was suffering so many difficult side effects, and very frightened at the prospect of losing him.

Finding an Attitude of Gratitude

Interestingly enough, it’s at these difficult times when having an “attitude of gratitude” can help the most. Finding the smallest thing to be grateful for, such as a loved one’s hand in yours, the sun on your face, fresh water to drink, or even a roof over your head, can help get you through.

I’m already hearing people all around me in New York talking about what they’re grateful for, like the fact that their house is still standing, or their loved ones are still alive, or they still have a job to go to, or even that they have heat and electricity. Many are reaching out to help others, which can be healing for both those giving and receiving. I am so grateful that I can go and volunteer at a shelter this weekend to share the overflow of gratitude I feel for not being directly affected.

It wasn’t until I was able to find that sense of gratitude that I was able to experience the joy in my father’s last days. I grew thankful for each moment I had with him-that I could spend all our remaining days focusing on him and “us”-and counted my blessings that I was one of the few people who actually get to say a proper goodbye to my father. I asked him about things I had never asked him before, and I will forever cherish the memory of those conversations. How lucky I was to have them!

What’s Your Story?

Now, as thousands around me work to rebuild their lives, and with the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, I want to hear about your attitude of gratitude. I’m hoping you’ll share your story of how gratefulness helped you get through times of adversity, no matter how big or small. We need to hear about how the attitude we choose can change things, making our tough experiences into some of our biggest blessings. Send your story into our Facebook page and you could win big!

I love what my friend, Darren Neuberger, who is also an author, speaker and cancer survivor, had to say about adversity:

“It takes tremendous courage to be able to come face to face with adversity and to not back down from it! We face adversity in many different ways, shapes, and forms, and for the most part, it would be easy to just let it walk all over us! However, to stand up, look it square in the eyes and scream at the top of your lungs-I WILL NOT BACK DOWN FROM YOU-the inner power that you will gain from this could light a small country! Remember this: It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down. It’s all about how quickly you get back up and never lose sight as to why you got back up!”

Attitude of Gratitude Contest-

I’m happy to announce that  CV Skinlabs, is hosting an Attitude of Gratitude Contest. Enter to win between November 2 and November 21st, and you could walk away with our grand prize!

How to enter:

  • Required: Leave your “attitude of gratitude” story-how gratitude helped you overcome adversity in your life-as a post/comment on our CLOSED in 150 words or less. Make sure you title it “Attitude of Gratitude Contest Entry” so we know that you’re entering!
  • Increase your chances of winning: If you “like” both Facebook pages, you’ll be entered twice more! (Attitude of gratitude story is required, remember!) “Like” our CLOSED and our CV Skinlabs Facebook page.
  • Share: For another entry, share this post using the “share” button (so we can track your shares) on Facebook directly from our Facebook page. Simply share on your facebook timeline to encourage others to enter and spread the healing energy of gratitude at a time when we need it the most.

You may enter your stories until midnight EST, November 21st, 2012. After that date, the CV SKINLABS team will read through all entries received and choose a grand prize winner.

Our Grand Prize

The grand prize winner will receive all of the following!

  • Full collection of CV Skinlabs products, valued at $150. Check it out at cvskinlabs.com.
  • Free one-hour personal consultation with Britta on how to detox your home, personal care products, and cosmetics via Skype, phone, or in person if you live in the NYC area!

The winner will be announced on all our media pages on November 26, 2012.

Enter Today!

I’m very excited to hear your stories of how being grateful helped you get through hard times, so please, get out your keyboards and share! We learn so much from the experiences of others, and particularly at this time of year, it’s great to be reminded of the importance of gratitude, and how much it can contribute to the joy in our lives.

In the meantime, let me leave you with this prayer and encourage you to send your prayers and thoughts for all those struggling with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy:

Dear God,
In the midst of this turmoil, bring forth Your peace.
May love make way for healing and repair,
opening portals of light where darkness seemingly prevailed.
Place Your hand upon those who suffer
and bring Your comfort to those who fear.
Make way for miracles.
And so it is.

Enter our contest today by submitting your 150-word story on our Facebook page!

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