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Toxic Talk and Labels

Target, One of the World's Biggest Retailers, Sets New Policy for Safety and Reduction of Chemicals in Personal Care

Guess what, Cinco Vidas readers? We’re witnessing a domino effect in the personal care market, and I bet a lot of you have been a part of it. When you choose to spend your hard-earned dollars on products that are safe, nourishing, and natural, you send a clear message to those companies that are using

Toxic Talk and Labels

So-Called “Safe Levels” of 2 Toxic Chemicals Cause Cancer When Used Together

I’ve talked with you all before about how the beauty industry tries to tell us as long as they use only a very little bit of a potentially harmful chemical, they’re not doing anything wrong. After all, the logic goes, a little bit of salt gives great flavor, while too much can cause high blood

Breast Cancer + Nutrition

Stop the Hypocrisy! Let Progresso Know that BPA-Lined Cans Are NOT Acceptable

October swamped the market with pink. Some companies had the best intentions in donating funds for breast cancer research, but others seem to have their wires crossed. Take Progresso Soup, for example. Go to your local grocery store before the month is out and you are likely to find pink ribbons on the cans. These

Toxic Talk and Labels

How to Choose a Less Toxic Birth Control Option

I received an interesting question a couple weeks back from a Cinco Vidas blog reader-is there such a thing as a toxin-free birth control option? All types of contraception have some risk of toxic exposure, but the risks vary and come from different sources. In the end, the best thing is to review all your