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Pink Ribbon Month: Donating Safe Skin Care is Our Way of Creating Awareness Through Prevention

+ Pamela Friedman

50 shadesThe “50 Shades of Pink Foundation” is founded by Jacqueline Walters, M.D., past OB/GYN chief resident of the Medical Center of Central Georgia, and current TV reality show star of “Married to Medicine.” The foundation hosted a luncheon on October 6th to create awareness and speak about prevention, and CV Skinlabs had the honor of being part it as our Breast Cancer Awareness give-back project of the month!

Walters founded the organization after finding what she considered a lack of personal care and consideration for gynecology patients. A two-time breast cancer survivor, Jackie is now doctor to stars like Toni Braxton and Usher, and works to increase breast cancer awareness.

“Breast cancer does take something from us,” she said on one television episode. “The one thing that I do, I never got to do. You know, I deliver babies. For my story, the loss of fertility is the hardest part.”

The organization’s gala is a black-tie event that features an elegant dinner, fashion show, and more, and welcomes a number of Atlanta’s elite as well as many cancer survivors. Rather than participate in “pinkwashing,” in which companies paint products pink during breast cancer month often to enjoy increased profits, we chose to simply donate our products to an organization who can get them to the people who need them.

dr Jackie

Dr. Jackie holding our CV Skinlabs Products!

Looking Good Helps You Feel Good

I really admire Dr. Jackie for the courage she’s shown on her own individual journey. As a survivor herself, she has stated that looking good helps one to feel good, and seeks to provide practical, yet fashionable clothing to women who have been diagnosed, who have undergone mastectomies, and who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.

Dr. Jackie believes that a positive attitude makes all the difference, and aims to treat the inner and outer beauty of breast cancer patients and survivors.

“Any physician will tell you that a positive attitude truly has an impact on how well you respond to treatment,” she says. “I knew that if I looked good I’d feel good and if I felt good my treatment would go good. But many of the women I met during treatment didn’t have that same philosophy and it broke my heart to see their hope and spirits so low.”

Through her organization, she serves cancer patients through varied luncheons and galas, and is also launching a new magazine, which will blend high fashion with practical fashion specifically targeting the needs of breast cancer patients.

Continued Mission

Donating our Rescue & Relief Sprays to 50 Shades of Pink is one of the ways CV Skinlabs is meeting its mission to spread the word about safe skin care. As we get more of our nourishing, toxin-free products to survivors and others, we help promote prevention (getting to the root of it all) by delivering soft, radiant skin without exposing people to harsh chemicals like fragrances, preservatives, and sulfates.

Plus, it just feels great to give back!

What do you think of Dr. Jackie Walters and her organization? Please share your thoughts.

Picture courtesy 50 Shades of Pink and Dr. Jackie Walters.

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