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CV Skinlabs Partners with Lots to Live For

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logo_updatedWe’re really excited at CV Skinlabs to be partnering with Lots to Live For, an online store for those living with cancer or who have survived cancer. Lots to Live For sells products to reduce and relieve the unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

CV Skinlabs products will now be available for purchase on the Lots to Live For online store, along with a number of other products selected for their ability to help those living with cancer to feel more comfortable during and after treatment.

A Tribute to Loved Ones

Lots to Live For was founded by Margot Malin, whom I now consider to be a friend and partner in a shared mission to help make suffering through side effects a thing of the past. Margot founded the store in tribute to the memories of her mother and grandmother, who both fought cancer with strength and bravery. As one of the caregivers to her loved ones, Margot witnessed firsthand the debilitating effects treatments took on their bodies.

Those of you who regularly read this blog know that I struggled to find safe products that would nourish and help heal the side effects my father suffered through his cancer treatments. Margot went through a similar experience, and found it took a long time to research, study, and evaluate holistic treatments to use in conjunction with traditional medicine in helping her loved ones to cope and to feel more comfortable.

After years of searching and learning and trying, Margot found a number of natural, botanical, and homeopathic solutions to help relieve the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and to promote healing after cancer surgery. But once she had found these products, she wanted to share them with others that were facing struggles similar to those her mother and grandmother had faced.

Spreading the News

To provide a store where cancer fighters, caregivers, and survivors could go to find healing products, Margot started Lots to Life For, an internet retailer selling quality personal care products for cancer patients and caregivers.

Any visitor to the site will find products for skin and nail care, hair care, oral care, nausea relief, immune-boosting solutions, and even great gifts for cancer patients. In addition, Margot also publishes a regular blog that provides valuable links to medical studies, news about cancer treatments, and data about her comprehensive product line.

“We know that this may be a difficult time for you (and your loved ones),” Margot writes on her site, “but we also believe you truly have Lots to Live For. That belief is the driving force behind our mission to help you maximize the quality of your life, and support you with compassion and integrity through your cancer treatment.”

Some of My Product Recommendations

Right now, our CV Skinlabs Rescue + Relief Spray is one of Margot’s “featured products” on the home page. I found a few other products on there I would recommend to readers. Check these out and have fun browsing!

  • Breathe with Purpose CD: I’ve posted in the past about the importance of deep, relaxed breathing to our ability to de-stress and remain centered. Lots to Live For offers the “Breathe with Purpose CD,” which provides six breathing exercises made specifically for breast cancer recovery. These help reduce stress and anxiety, encourage helpful sleeping patterns, and stimulate inner calm.
  • Minerva Health Manager: Keeping track of medical records is challenging for everyone, but especially those who have complicated medical histories. The Minerva Health Manager helps you to consolidate, coordinate and organize medical records, medications, insurance information, and the contact info for your doctors, plus much more.
  • Topricin Pain Relief Cream: If you’re struggling with joint pain, sore muscles, or neuropathy, this cream can provide relief. A homeopathic remedy, it stimulates the body’s healing chemistries at the site of pain.

Will you be shopping at Lots to Live For? Please share your thoughts.

Picture courtesy Lots to Live For.

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