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Make a Difference Today-Last 48 hours to be part of the change!

+ Pamela Friedman

Times SquareOur journey as a community continues on, but we are down to our last 48 hours to be able to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign. If you haven’t yet done so, we hope you will think about it now. Even $10 will help. Contribute now at our crowdfunding page, and get rewards like CV Skinlabs products, my book, spa session in your city, personalized detox sessions with me and more.

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge to join our safe skin care revolution, we have five reasons why you should below!

A Big Thank You to Those Who Have Supported Us!

We wanted to raise $35K to help get our safe products into hospitals and cancer centers around the nation. So far, we have raised $14K.

We want to send a big thank you out to all those who have contributed so far. As you can see by this picture, we’ve been working really hard. Here, our campaign is featured on the Thomson Reuters Sign in Time Square. It’s amazing what we can do as a community, and my heart goes out to all of you who have taken your time and energy to show your support.

If You Haven’t Contributed Yet-Here’s Why You Should

Did you know that according a 2012 survey, participants stated that they hoped to land “impact jobs” that would make a difference socially or environmentally? In fact, they said landing an “impact job” was more important to them than having a prestigious career, wealth, or even being a community leader. Over half said they would take a 15 percent pay cut to work for an organization “whose values are like my own.”

We like to feel that what we’re doing at CV Skinlabs is making a difference for others in our society. I know that’s how I feel. I want to do work that matters, and that somewhere down the line, helps others. I think the readers of this blog are people who believe in safe products that have nourishing ingredients, rather than questionable products with harsh, irritating, and even sometimes carcinogenic ingredients.

That’s why I came to you in the first place. I knew the Cinco Vidas community would be interested in spreading the word about safe skin care. I knew my readers would be willing to take that extra step in making a commitment to change. I knew that given the chance, people who share our values would want to make a change in the personal care industry, and move us closer to the day when we won’t have to worry about suffering dryness, hormonal changes, diabetes, early onset menopause, developmental problems, or other health issues because of the ingredients in our personal care products.

Five Reasons Why You Should Contribute Today

Okay, as promised, here are the five reasons you should contribute today, while you still have time.

  1. We need your help! We haven’t yet reached our goal of $65,000, and we need you!
  2. Patients need our help. Patients in hospitals and cancer centers are suffering as we speak with painful, red, irritated, inflamed, and weeping skin conditions. Our products can help, but we need the money to get them to these patients.
  3. It’s time to make a change. If you’re tired of finding phthalates in your nail polish and parabens in your moisturizer, by helping us today you’ll be contributing to an organization that is working toward making lasting change in the industry.
  4. Giving feels good-and you become part of something bigger. Scientific studies have shown that when you do something for someone else, it feels great! Just try it-contribute $10 or more today and see if it doesn’t improve your week! Not only will you feel like you have done something to help others, but you’ll become part of making a change in our world.
  5. You get perks! We have lots of cool perks for our contributors. Things like CV Skinlabs products, copies of my book, detox sessions, in-person sessions with me, T-shirts, and more!

Help us to help those with painful, inflamed skin conditions to feel better. Contribute today at our crowdfunding page-deadline is May 8, 2013!


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