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Look Who’s Loving CV Skinlabs-Doctors, Makeup Artists, Eco-Living Experts, & More!

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We are thrilled with all the amazing feedback and testimonials from all our loyal customers-from beauty editors to doctors and more. Watch our one-minute video now and listen to why people love CV Skinlabs.

News Flash

We are also so proud to share that since we launched the CV Skinlabs Skin Care line last year in March, we have not had a single return or complaint about any of our products. What a great testimony that is!

Praise for CV Skinlabs

Here’s just a glimpse of what some of our experts and customers are saying:

  • Sara Mercer, Whole Living Expert says: “I just don’t feel comfortable with anything that’s not 100 percent pure getting anywhere near her.” (Speaking of her unborn baby.)
  • Krisin Arnett, International Makeup Artist says: “The reason I think this product is different from anything else on the market is because it is one of these universally great-for-you moisturizers. A man can wear it, a woman can wear it, it’s fantastic for so many different skin types.”
  • Rebecca Casciano, Celebrity Makeup Artist, says: “I love that fact that it’s plant-based and all-natural, and that it’s so soothing and healing to the skin.”
  • Rhian Watson, Yoga Instructor, says: “What I love about CV Skinlabs products is that they work! They leave your skin feeling healthy, and well moisturized all day.”
  • Dorivee Shapiro, Cancer Survivor, says: “Cancer also made me aware of many chemicals, many toxins that cause cancer. This cream and this bottle doesn’t have any of that, and it has the results that I’m looking for.”
  • Rachel Dealto, Speaker and Author, says: “CV Skinlabs is so different from anything else that’s out there because it’s cause this luxurious feel to it.”
  • Frank Lipman, Integrative Doctor and Author, says: “…and one of my favorite skin care lines, clean ones, is CV Skinlabs, and actually my favorite remedy in that line is Rescue + Relief [Spray]. It’s fantastic for sensitive skin.”
  • Jessa Blades, Natural Beauty Expert, says: “What I love about CV Skinlabs is that it’s the real deal. The products really work, they’re effective, and they have great ingredients.”

Award-Winning Products

For those of you who may not have heard, on April 22, Earth day, we won “Best All-Around Healer” with our Restorative Skin Balm, given by Healthy Lifestyles & Spa’s Magazine at their Annual Earth Day Beauty Awards. The beauty editors loved this healing, soothing balm because it’s great for dry skin, cuticles, and lips, as well as for eczema, dermatitis, cuts, scrapes, chaffed areas, scars, and more.

Purchase with a Purpose for a Limited Time!

You can purchase any of our CV Skinlabs products (which have been featured not only in Healthy Lifestyles & Spa Magazine, but in Real Simple, Organic Spa, and US Weekly as well)-and make your purchase count-by going to our crowdfunding campaign between now and May 8th, 2013. Your purchase will help us achieve the very important mission of getting safe skincare into hospitals and cancer centers across the nation.

Click on our indigogo page, go to the right, and you’ll see several of our perks listed there. Choose the one that best fits your desired contribution level, and you could receive your own CV Skinlabs products to try, while helping us help others with sensitive and fragile skin.

No contribution is too small. Even $10 will propel us closer to our goals-and help us all change the world to include fewer toxins for everyone!

Go to our crowdfunding page at and contribute, choose products to enjoy, and share your thoughts about our mission today.

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