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'THINK' Yourself Well + Surviving Cancer

Attitude of Gratitude Contest: Share Your Attitude of Gratitude in Times of Adversity, Inspire Others, and Enter to Win CV Skinlabs Full Collection!

See entry details below! Times of adversity can show up in all sorts of ways in our lives. For myself and millions of others, Hurricane Sandy is a good example. By the grace of God, I’m safe and have power, but it’s not the same story for a lot of other people. Some have had

Toxic Talk and Labels + Your Cancer Fighting Journey

Top 10 Picks: Safe Holiday Gifts for Those Living with Cancer

Are you looking for the perfect gift this year for someone you care about who’s living with cancer? Are you concerned about toxins or chemical sensitivities? Or maybe you’re just finding it hard to choose something that feels “right?” You’re in luck! I’ve got some great ideas for you. Check out this list of 10

Nutrition + Surviving Cancer

Survivors Fail to Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle: How Are You Doing?

One thing my cancer diagnosis did for me was inspire me to make changes. After my treatments were over, I became obsessed with my health. I exercised, trained for triathlons, watched what I ate, and became educated about the toxins around me. Of course I’m not perfect, and I relapse now and then, but on

Your Cancer Fighting Journey

10 Tips to Help Manage Finances During Cancer

If you’ve been through cancer, you know it’s not just the challenges to your health that are difficult to manage.

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