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Why You Should Ban These 4 Vegetable Oils from Your Diet

You’ve probably heard some of the buzz about cooking oils, lately. Maybe you’ve brought home some extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil to try in your home cooking. I love both of these oils and use them often. When I first started looking into oils, though, I have to admit-it was a little confusing.

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7 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Should Be Part of Your Diet & Beauty Routine

Have you heard about the benefits of coconut oil?

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“My Sport is Living Well” Series Part 3-Maintaining Healthy Habits in a Fast-Paced World

A couple weeks ago, I posted about the great connection I made with author and founder of “Practical Paleolithic,” Adam Farrah. Adam and I shared similar health challenges in our lives, and have found we feel better when following the Paleo diet. Then, in a second post, we talked more specifically about the diet, and

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Did You Know Processed Foods Are As Addictive as Drugs?

Those of you who have participated in my Detox Your Life 30-Day Program know what I think of processed food. In the program, I spend quite a bit of time talking about how bad they are for you, and how the chemicals inside them can damage your health. But processed foods aren’t easy to shake,

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