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Category Archives: "Hair Care"

Hair Care + Nutrition

Chemo Over? Try These Foods for Healthy, Shiny Hair

Nutrition experts say that diet can affect how hair looks.

Hair Care + Toxic Talk and Labels

You Style and Wash Your Wig… Did You Know There Are Paraben-Free Wig-Styling Products?

If you’re avoiding cosmetic or personal-care products that contain toxic chemicals while dealing with cancer…did you ever think about what you put on your wig?

Hair Care + Make-up

Going Through Cancer: Toxin-Free Products on a Budget

Dealing with cancer can not only be emotionally devastating, physically exhausting, and spiritually overwhelming, but it’s darn expensive, too!

Hair Care + Side Effects

Perming or Coloring Hair: Safe During Chemotherapy?

Okay, so you know that you should take care of your hair during cancer treatment, but can you still dye or perm your strands?

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