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Hair Care + Make-up

Going Through Cancer: Toxin-Free Products on a Budget

Dealing with cancer can not only be emotionally devastating, physically exhausting, and spiritually overwhelming, but it’s darn expensive, too!

Hair Care + Side Effects

Perming or Coloring Hair: Safe During Chemotherapy?

Okay, so you know that you should take care of your hair during cancer treatment, but can you still dye or perm your strands?

Hair Care + Side Effects

Where To Buy Your Wig? Tips On Choosing a Savvy Salon

Choosing a wig can be a daunting enough process when facing cancer-related hair loss, but finding the perfect wig salon seems to be even more overwhelming.

Hair Care + Side Effects

The Beauty in Scarves: Getting Your Hair Loss Under Wraps

Losing your hair to cancer can be a devastating process, but learning to wear (and love) fashionable scarves and head covers can be a positive experience.

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