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You Style and Wash Your Wig… Did You Know There Are Paraben-Free Wig-Styling Products?

+ Pamela Friedman

If you’re avoiding cosmetic or personal-care products that contain toxic chemicals while dealing with cancer…did you ever think about what you put on your wig? Even though synthetic hair and wigs are not actually part of your body, the products used to cleanse and style them will come in contact with your skin, where toxic ingredients may be absorbed. While you’re going through treatment, your scalp and skin are extremely sensitive and compromised, so wearing anything toxic against your scalp for a long period of time (like a wig) isn’t a good idea.

One of the most prevalent toxic ingredients used in affordable brands of personal-care items are parabens. Synthetic preservatives used to increase a product’s shelf life, parabens have been linked to severe allergic reactions, hormonal imbalances, and even breast cancers. (For more information, read “Hype or Fact: Are Parabens in Cosmetics Really That Dangerous?”) Paraben Free Beauty explains, “Parabens are contained in most cosmetic products for hair, skin and body, but lately research has turned up some troubling findings about parabens….You should not have to pay for your beauty with your health.” Although the Food and Drug Administration continues to state that parabens are safe for daily use, scientists worry about the repeated exposure consumers have, whether through the use of many products, or through multiple reapplications of those products throughout the day.

Luckily, there is a company-BeautiMark-that creates a line of styling products for synthetic hair that use only paraben-free ingredients. A BeautiMark expert, Jessica Martinez, explains that because cancer patients are already aware of their weakened immune systems and the dangers of carcinogenic ingredients, they see great value in finding safe products that come in contact with the skin, face, and scalp (while washing and styling the hair). Our hope is that BeautiMark will make a full line of toxin-free, wig products, but paraben-free is a great start.

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