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Skin, Lip and Body Care + Toxic Talk and Labels

Spring Clean Your Skincare: Get Rid of Toxic Products in Your Cabinet, One at a Time

Spring is near and I can feel it in the air! With the few warmer days we’ve had, my mind has turned toward spring cleaning, but not just in my house. This time of year, I like to do a body cleanse as well as a “skincare/makeup” cleanse by clearing out my bathroom drawers. It’s a great time to start the season with clean and fresh formulas.

Toxic Talk and Labels

Studies Show: We’re Passing Chemicals Onto Our Children Through Breastmilk

You made the choice to breastfeed most likely because of the evidence that shows how healthy it is.

Toxic Talk and Labels

Are You Breathing In Toxins from Your Household Dust?

Do you sometimes neglect to dust during your regular household cleaning chores?