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Toxic Talk and Labels

Toxins In Our Homes-How to Track Them Down

I’ve posted about toxins that can show up in our homes, like those that may appear in household dust, cleaning cabinets, and even in the bedroom. But when we think about toxins in our homes, we’re often surprised by the idea that the one place we care for most of all could be so contaminated.

Great Cancer Organizations + Skin, Lip and Body Care

One of My Top Picks for Where to Find Safer Products: O & N Collective

Have you been looking for safe personal care products? Are you having a hard time finding them? I’ve posted before about where to find safer products, but I recently found a new favorite place-the O & N Collective. This company is completely aligned with the Cinco Vidas philosophy. Michelle Witherby is the founder, and we

Make-up + Skin, Lip and Body Care

Is Mineral Makeup Less Toxic Than Regular?

It’s no secret that sales of mineral makeup have skyrocketed.

Toxic Talk and Labels

12 Toxic Products-Here are My 12 Safer Alternatives!

I recently posted a great article on Facebook and Twitter called “The Top 12 Cancer-Causing Products in the Average Home.” I wanted to share it with Cinco Vidas readers because it supports what I’ve been saying about every-day toxins and how they can affect our health.