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5 Trends in Men’s Skin Care—and How to Get that Youthful Look

Want to know what the new trend is in men’s grooming? Natural, anti-aging skin care. Doesn’t seem all that new, right? But according to “Dapper Confidential,” holistic anti-aging, including moisturizing products and SPF, along with higher quality ingredients and a regular skin care routine are now “in” for men just as much as they are


Which Processed Foods Damage Your Skin?

Processed foods. We’re learning more and more about them, and most of it isn’t good. The latest news? These foods are not healthy for your skin. Not a big surprise, since most of them aren’t healthy for the rest of you, either, but turns out they can have unique negative affects on your appearance. To

Skin, Lip and Body Care

Why Healthy Skin is More Important Than Pretty Skin

Here at CV Skinlabs, we often talk about the importance of healthy skin. The skin is the largest organ we have, and just like the heart, lungs, and stomach, it requires nutrients and care to perform optimally. In today’s modern world of selfies and video chats, however, it’s easy to get wrapped up more in

Skin, Lip and Body Care

This Ingredient Speeds Wound Healing and Helps Prevent Premature Aging!

One of the ingredients that we use in our CV Skinlabs products is calendula. You probably know it better as the “marigold,” that cheery orange, red, or yellow flower that seems to just scream summer. Calendula officinalis is the scientific name for the marigold, and it has been used for centuries for all sorts of