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5 Trends in Men’s Skin Care—and How to Get that Youthful Look

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Want to know what the new trend is in men’s grooming?

Natural, anti-aging skin care.

Doesn’t seem all that new, right? But according to “Dapper Confidential,” holistic anti-aging, including moisturizing products and SPF, along with higher quality ingredients and a regular skin care routine are now “in” for men just as much as they are for women.

With our selfie-focused world, men are beginning to realize the importance of skin care in their daily grooming routines. Men want to look good, too, at work and for their partners, and they’re getting the message that the best look is a youthful one.

How do men get youthful skin? We’ve got five tips below. You may want to share these with the fellow in your life around Father’s Day!

5 Tips for Modern-Day Skin Care for Men

1. Go Natural and Read Labels

Just like women’s products, men’s grooming products have for decades been filled with harsh cleansers, chemical preservatives, drying alcohols, and potentially contaminated and pore-clogging petrolatum products. These solutions may cover up problems in the short-term, but they contribute to aging in the long term, which is definitely not what men want these days.

Today, men are catching on to the fact that natural and safe ingredients are better for the skin. We’re talking about things like butters, oils, sulfate-free cleansers, peptides, vitamins and minerals, extracts, and more. These ingredients provide the skin with the nutrients it needs to repair and replenish itself, and help truly moisturize and hydrate for anti-aging benefits.

Note: Looking for a Father’s Day gift? Consider our CV Skinlabs products. They are all made with 100 percent natural and non-toxic ingredients, are easy to use, and help keep men’s skin healthy and youthful looking.

2. Protect from the Sunburn and Sun-Induced Skin Aging

Men often pride themselves on their outdoor tans, but the study results are in: men are more at risk for the most dangerous type of skin cancer than women are. The U.S. Surgeon General’s report on skin cancer states that melanoma death rates—melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer—have stayed relatively even since the 1970s among women, but have risen by 150 percent in men. Men are also less likely to survive the disease than women are.

Scientists aren’t sure why this is happening, but one thing is clear: Men need to be more careful about sun exposure. Clothes, hats, and sunscreen are wise to protect men’s health, but also to help shield the skin from premature aging. The biggest cause of skin aging is the sun, so encourage your guy to protect himself every day.

3. Protect from Pollution-Induced Skin Aging

Unfortunately, it’s not only the sun that damages and ages skin—recent studies show that daily exposure to pollution does, too.

In a 2010 study, researchers studied the effects of air pollution on 400 women. They measured traffic-related exposure near their homes and determined the level of pollution, then tested the women’s skin for signs of aging. They found that air pollution exposure was significantly linked to age spots and dark spots on the skin, as well as to wrinkles.

In 2014, researchers again looked at the effects of pollution on the skin, and found that ozone depletes antioxidants in the skin, air pollution is damaging to skin, exposure to ambient particulate matter is a factor in premature skin aging, and that individuals with sensitive skin could be even more vulnerable to pollution damage.

In a 2016 study, researchers again reported that toxic fumes in cities like New York and London may be the primary cause of skin aging. Age spots increased by 25 percent with just a relatively small increase in pollution. In fact, the accelerated aging was seen even in relatively young people who were at middle age.

Pollution protection is in, and that means using skin care products that are rich in antioxidants, as these nutrients help fight off the damaging effects of pollution. It also means taking regular good care of skin so that the outer barrier is healthy and strong. The skin can protect itself if it’s hydrated and nourished.

4. Address Men’s Sensitive Skin

Yes, it’s possible—men can have “sensitive skin” too. We’re not talking about “weak” skin, but skin that is more likely to react to chemicals and harsh products, skin that is acne-prone and skin that is vulnerable to skin irritation, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and hives.

Many of these skin issues are related to allergies—allergies to fragrances or other chemical ingredients in standard skin care products. If men with sensitive skin are using common over-the-counter products that are harsh and drying, and then they slap on an alcohol-filled after-shave, it’s no wonder that the skin eventually becomes red and inflamed.

If you are a guy that fights with redness or eczema, it’s time to get serious about your skin care. Use only products that are fragrance-free or have fragrances derived from natural oils. Choose products with natural ingredients that are non-irritating, and moisturize daily with a truly nourishing formula (like our Calming Moisture).

And if you’re using an alcohol-filled after-shave, throw the stuff away. Try our Rescue + Relief Spray instead. It’s cooling and soothing and hydrates and protects skin with natural ingredients, not with drying alcohols. You’re much less likely to suffer from razor burn if you use this after shaving.

5. Change How You Cleanse Men’s Skin

Most men don’t think much about how they cleanse their skin. They lather up some soap and rub it on hard and then splash on the rinsing water.

Problem is that soap is drying, and so are most grocery-store and department-store liquid cleansers. If you start out your skin care routine with something that dries you out, you’re accelerating aging from the very first step. Check the ingredients on your cleanser. If it’s all chemicals you can’t pronounce—including harsh sulfates—you’re hurrying your way to wrinkles and sagging.

Instead, choose a gentler cleanser that leaves your skin clean, but not stripped. Look for something with natural ingredients in it like aloe, natural oils, and gentle fruit acids, something that’s fragrance-free and helps leave your skin in its best condition. You may also want to consider a face-brush, as they generally leave skin even cleaner than your hands will. Just choose a soft one if you have sensitive skin and don’t rub too hard, as that can cause inflammation and increase risk of acne breakouts.

Have you caught on to the new trends in men’s skin care?

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