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Which Processed Foods Damage Your Skin?

Processed foods. We’re learning more and more about them, and most of it isn’t good. The latest news? These foods are not healthy for your skin. Not a big surprise, since most of them aren’t healthy for the rest of you, either, but turns out they can have unique negative affects on your appearance. To

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The Best Gifts for Mom Based on Her Personality

Mother’s Day is this coming weekend. Are you ready? Maybe you’ve already gotten Mom something, or maybe you’re a little behind. Either way, we want to help. Many of us get mom cards, candy, and flowers on Mother’s Day, but some surveys have found that these things aren’t really high on most moms’ lists. “,”

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What to Do When Spring Allergies Attack Your Skin

You sneeze. Your eyes itch. You hold an aching head. Yes, it’s allergy season, but these aren’t the only symptoms you may suffer. Turns out that spring allergies can affect your skin, too, causing dryness, flakiness, hives, and more. If you find the pollen circulating in the air is affecting your appearance as well as

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Dry or Dehydrated Skin-Which One is Affecting You?

You look at your skin in the mirror. Something is clearly wrong. It looks dull, ashy, lifeless. You’ve been moisturizing, but obviously something is still missing. What? The answer to this question may depend on whether your skin is dry or dehydrated. You may have thought these two things were the same, but they’re actually