5 Important Ways to Change Up Your Skincare Routine for Fall

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In most areas of the country, we’re feeling it—the cooler air, crisp mornings, and more frequent evening chill.

The weather is changing, which means your skincare routine should be changing, too. Below, we have suggestions for what changes you may want to implement to keep your skin looking its best.

Why You Need to Change Your Skin Care Routine in the Fall

Summer warm weather and sunshine can leave their marks on the skin. You may be seeing excess hyperpigmentation, dark spots, travel-induced dehydration, and even inflammation. Now, as the temperatures drop and the wind grows fierce, you may be seeing other changes, including extra dryness and even flaking.

The skin on your face, more than any other skin you have (except perhaps your hands), is regularly exposed to the elements, which means that it’s more vulnerable to weather changes. So just as you change your wardrobe to accommodate fall weather, you’ll want to change your skincare routine too to be sure your skin has what it needs to stay healthy.

One of the other biggest changes that occur in the fall is the drop in humidity. During the summer, humidity levels typically rise in most climates, which means there is more water in the air. The skin relaxes under these conditions, as it’s able to retain more of its own moisture while maintaining a strong, healthy outer barrier.

In the fall and winter, though, humidity levels drop, which means the air becomes drier. In its search for moisture, it can pull hydration from the skin, causing it to be drier and duller.

Finally, if you abused your skin over the summer in terms of sun exposure, breakouts, and sweat-through-makeup workouts, this is your opportunity to reset your skincare to get your skin back in shape to face the cold weather.

5 Ways to Change Your Skincare Routine for Fall

Below we have five suggestions for how to adjust your skincare routine this fall.

1. Consider going for a gentler cleanser.

In the summertime, we’re often most interested in getting rid of dirt and oils. In the fall and winter, though, we need to be extra careful not to strip the skin of its natural moisture. That begins with cleansing, so depending on your skin type, think about moving from a lotion or gel to a milk or cream cleanser that will remove debris while leaving the skin’s moisture intact.

Don’t forget your body cleanser. Though the skin on your body is probably more protected from the elements than the skin on your face, it still suffers in the drier air, so you may want to switch from fruity shower gels to a creamier body wash.

2. Switch your moisturizer.

No matter what your skin type, it’s going to need more moisture in the fall and winter. That’s why switching your moisturizer is the most important change you need to make at this time of year. Help your skin hold onto the moisture it has, while also giving it more of the moisture it’s losing to the dry air.

Look for something with essential fatty acids, tryglycerides, and ceramides, as these help replenish that lost moisture. We recommend you try our Calming Moisture and Body Repair Lotion, as both keep your skin soft and hydrated no matter what the weather.

3. Go easier on the exfoliating.

Regular exfoliation is key to keeping the appearance of aging at bay, but in the cooler weather, the skin tends to be more fragile. The outer layer is more vulnerable to damage, yet you need that outer layer to be healthy and strong to keep skin protected from environmental assaults.

Continue to exfoliate with gentle fruit acids, but watch to see how your skin reacts. If you notice inflammation, breakouts, or other signs of stress, cut back on how often you’re sloughing off those dead skin cells, or choose a gentler method.

Often using a cleansing brush is all you need most days of the week to keep skin looking fresh. Then use alpha hydroxy acids like lactic and glycolic to dissolve dead skin cells about once or twice a week.

4. Attend to your lips.

Lips have thinner skin than the rest of the face, which is why they can get so beat up in the colder weather. Start caring for your lips now to help prepare them for the tough months ahead. Exfoliate dead skin with a gentle sugar scrub, toothbrush, or washcloth, and then step up the moisture. Look for thicker balms and butters that will not only cover the lips but deliver nutrients that hydrate and protect.

Have you given our Restorative Skin Balm a try? It’s a cure-all balm that can be used on severely dry and chapped skin, so it’s perfect for the lips. It also contains ingredients known to nurture lips like beeswax, castor seed oil, and triglycerides.

5. Add in some vitamin C.

If you’re dealing with excess hyperpigmentation and age spots after all that summer sun, grab a vitamin C serum or powder and start using it daily. It helps even out skin pigmentation and encourages a brighter complexion, while also protecting skin from damaging sun rays.

Don’t forget to continue to use your sunscreen, as even in the cloudy weather, dangerous UVA rays can get through to damage skin.

Do you switch up your skincare routine in the fall?

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