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New Hair Salon for Cancer Patients

+ Pamela Friedman

Edingburgh Scotland is home to a hair salon specifically for cancer patients. Diane Ward, 35, decided to open the salon after one of her patients started to lose her hair. A hairdresser for 18 years, she was apparently disappointed at the limited resources available for cancer patients during treatment. She said other hairdressers offered wig cutting and washing, but that she wanted to offer more-a relaxed experience in a private environment.

“If you’re going through cancer treatment,” she says, “you should still be able to feel comfortable and relaxed.” She plans to offer services like wig-fitting, product consultations, makeup (to deal with eyelash and eyebrow loss), and hair-growth tips.

Can you imagine being able to go to a salon that caters specifically to cancer patients? Where everyone there would share the same life experiences? Where you could relax and recharge without having to worry about feeling singled out?

Fortunately, we have some signs of similar activity here in the U.S. Several salons have partnered with the American Cancer Society to sponsor the “First Cut” program, which offers cancer patients a fresh, new look at the conclusion of their treatment-free. “When hair grows back it is often a different texture and color,” says Judy Solomon, owner of City Lights Hair Care Center in Barrington, “which may prompt cancer survivors to try a different haircut or employ new styling techniques.”

Another example: “Hello Gorgeous!” is a non-profit salon that brings free beauty treatments to cancer patients and survivors in Indiana. This mobile day spa travels around delivering services where patients are most comfortable. They also provide little surprises like flowers and chocolates while offering services like manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, makeup application, and hair care.

One more: Dawn’s Pizzazz Artistic Group & Day Spa offers a “day of pampering” fundraiser for cancer survivors, people living with cancer, their families and caregivers, all of whom receive discounted prices on spa services and hair care.

We could find more who occasionally give services to cancer patients, offer discounts, or regularly perform head shaving, wig fitting, and wig care. However, it was so neat to hear about this salon in Edinburgh. Their primary mission is to provide relaxing, restoring services to cancer patients on a full-time basis. There, it’s not just about shaving off the hair or getting a wig. It’s about having a place to go anytime you want to where you can feel comfortable, let down your guard, and enjoy a service that will leave you feeling better about yourself. We would love to see more of these in our country!

Do you know of any other salons like these? Please let us know about them.

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