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Eat-Pretty CoverHave you heard that what you eat can affect how you look?

It’s true. From the texture of your skin and hair to the length and strength of your nails and eyelashes, your appearance is highly dependent on your daily diet. Science is discovering more and more every day about how we can enhance our outer beauty by eating the foods that nourish our inner selves, while avoiding those foods that can throw us off balance.

It can all get a little confusing, though, when you’re trying to figure out what works for you. My friend Jolene Hart-a beauty and health coach-was looking for this type of information while dealing with her own skin and weight issues, but was hard-pressed to find it presented.

Her solution? Write the book herself!

Here’s a little more about this great resource, and how you could win your very own copy for free!

Finding Beauty Through Nutrition

“Imagine you’re a beauty editor at a major magazine,” Jolene writes. “You have access to all the makeup, styling products, nail polish, cutting-edge skin care and perfumes you can handle, and you get them all before your friends and family. Did I mention that they don’t cost you a thing, because it’s your job to test them? You can call up any beauty company and they’ll gladly rush you the product that you’re coveting, and half a dozen others. You also get facials, blowouts, haircuts, massages, manicures (performed at your desk, if necessary), pedicures, and the like pretty regularly; all in a day’s work. Some would say you have it all. All except the one thing you want most: clear skin.

“Welcome to my personal nightmare.”

Jolene suffered from a painfully irritated complexion, eczema, dark under eye circles, and an expanding waistline, and had lost that energetic sparkle for life she once had.

“When I realized that I had just about every beauty product in existence at my fingertips and yet I wasn’t a step closer to looking and feeling my best,” she writes, “I started searching for an answer beyond the beauty aisle.”

RecipeFinding Beauty in Food

Eat Pretty is the result of Jolene’s research, and gives you food options, recipes, and recommendations for how to eat to obtain your best appearance no matter the season. Looking for spring beauty? Jolene recommends filling up on cleansing fluids, lightening up your liver, and simplifying supper. To keep your glow in winter, she suggests you get a shot of immunity from your foods, make friends with fats, and heat things up.

“So many of us possess a foundational understanding of nutrition without an appreciation of the deep connection between food and beauty,” she writes. “It’s time to learn one vital nutritional lesson: that the power to shape all aspects of our appearance, today and in the future, lies on our plates.”

Eat Pretty offers a full lifestyle makeover, exploring stress management, hormonal balance, and mindful living. Charts and lists, plus nearly 20 recipes, make for a delicious and infinitely useful package-in the kitchen, at the grocer, and on the go.

Free Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of Eat Pretty, we’re offering a giveaway to our readers. One lucky winner will receive a free copy signed by Jolene herself and a full size of Jolene’s favorite CV Skinlabs product: Restorative Skin Balm!

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Stay tuned to this blog to find out who the lucky winner is! Meanwhile, if you’d like more information on Jolene’s book, check out Eat Pretty on Amazon, or visit her website at It was released on February 25, 2014, and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and other booksellers.

Are you planning to read Jolene’s book? Please share your thoughts on nutrition and beauty.