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Category Archives: "Your Cancer Fighting Journey"

Your Cancer Fighting Journey

Airport Body Scanners: How Safe is the Dose of Radiation?

For a lot of you wondering what it’s like, I’ve been through it.

Your Cancer Fighting Journey

New Airport Pat-Downs-Going Too Far for Cancer Survivors?

I don’t know if you’ve heard the stories, but I have, and they’re very disturbing to me.

'THINK' Yourself Well + Your Cancer Fighting Journey

Putting Yourself First: Saying “No” to Others Means Saying “Yes” to Yourself

Whenever I start to feel a little run down, I know what I need to do-prioritize my activities and realize that I can’t say “yes” to everything that comes my way.

Surviving Cancer + Your Cancer Fighting Journey

Cancer is Over: Hurray! But I'm Afraid of Recurrence

Nothing quite compares with that final cancer treatment.

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