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Toxic Talk and Labels

California Lists 30 Chemicals Toxic to Health-Including Chemo Drug Amsacrine

Could it be that a chemical used in treating cancer could also cause cancer?

Toxic Talk and Labels

Get This Book on Toxic Beauty and Learn How to Choose Safer Personal-Care Products

There’s a new book out we just had to tell you about.

Toxic Talk and Labels

Toxin Alert: Phthalates-In Products from Hairspray to Baby Lotion

You would think that if you buy a new shower curtain, bottle of hairspray, or toy for your child at the store, it would be safe to take home and use.

Toxic Talk and Labels

Formaldehyde (In your Skincare Products?) Strongly Linked with Leukemia and Blood-Cell Cancers

Remember that icky-smelling stuff that used to preserve the soon-to-be-dissected frogs in your junior high science class?