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Make-up + Rosacea and Flushing

Corrective Makeup Tips: How to Conceal Rashes and Redness

Rashes and other skin conditions can be devastating to your confidence.

Hands and Feet + Side Effects

Protect Your Skin and Nails During Chemotherapy: "Frozen Glove" Proves Effective

Darkened, fragile nails that can break and sometimes tear and fall off are often an embarrassing and difficult side effect of chemotherapy, say nothing of the dry skin, redness, and sores that can develop on your hands.

Side Effects

Chemotherapy Side Effect: Fluid Retention & Swelling-How to Cope

When I was going through chemotherapy, I experienced a difficult side effect that I never expected-fluid retention.

Side Effects

Always Cold? It Could Be Your Cancer Treatment

“I am about 8 months out of treatment for head and neck cancer,” says one survivor on Cancer Compass, “and along with other things, I cannot get warm!”