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“My Sport is Living Well” Series Part 1-Be Real About Life’s Struggle

with Adam Farrah and Britta Aragon It was a Tuesday night, late evening, and I was reading Paleo Magazine. (For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been following a Paleo diet for the last year since I started working with Dr. Lipman. More to come on that.) As I was reading, I had one

Nutrition + Toxic Talk and Labels

Food Additive in Your Yogurt Linked to Cancer

There are a number of food additives you may want to avoid because they could potentially harm your health. Artificial colorings, some preservatives like BHT, plasticizers like BPA, and the like are linked to things like hormone disruption, cancer, and hypersensitivity in children. Some food additives, however, are not so clear-cut. Take carrageenan, for instance.

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Should You Go on a Gluten-Free Diet? What About Gluten-Free Beauty?

At the beginning of the year, I talked about 10 changes I’ve made in my life that have given me more energy, mental clarity, and even clearer skin. One of those changes was eliminating gluten from my diet. I was feeling stressed, fatigued, and having trouble sleeping, so my doctor-Dr. Frank Lipman-suggested I stay away

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Helping Fighters to Keep Cancer Away After Remission-Suzanne Foglio

In 1999, my friend Suzanne Foglio’s husband, Jim, was diagnosed with stage 4 non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. “As we drove home from that appointment,” she writes on her website,, “I looked around at the world and thought, how is the world still turning?” All these years later, Suzanne and her husband are not only surviving, they’re