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10 Natural Solutions for Spring Allergies

Spring is in full swing. If you couldn’t tell by the singing birds and the blooming flowers, it could be your nose told you-by itching and sneezing. Unfortunately, those with spring and summer allergies find it a little more difficult to enjoy all the experiences spring has to offer. Allergens cause uncomfortable symptoms like sneezing,


Could Collagen Hold the Key to Smooth Skin and a Healthy Heart?

You’ve heard of collagen in your skin. Like a netting of tissue fibers, it helps hold the skin together, and when we’re young, provides that taught and tight look. As we age, our production of collagen slows down, which is why we get that sagging and bagging. Many skin care products these days include collagen


Go Gluten-Free or Not?

According to a recent Gallup pole, one in five Americans actively tries to include gluten-free foods in his or her diet.


4 Food Groups that Make You Look Older, Faster

We’ve talked a lot about foods that are good for your skin.