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Nutrition + Side Effects

Chemo Left You with Dry, Flaky Skin? Foods Can Boost Hydration, Naturally

Dry, flaky skin is an uncomfortable side effect of many cancer treatments.

Nutrition + Side Effects

I Have No Appetite on Chemo! Tips to Help Keep the Calories Up

“I just got back from Christmas,” says a caregiver on, “and I am just so sad. My dad who was diagnosed with EC [esophageal cancer] in November couldn’t eat his dinner.”


Organic IS Healthier (Especially if You Have Cancer): 10 Tips to Make it Affordable

If you’re going through cancer treatment, you may have heard that switching to organic food would be beneficial.

Nutrition + Side Effects

Cancer Treatment Causing Weight Loss? Get Help-Now!

We all know that cancer treatments and their side effects can ruin the appetite and cause weight loss.