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You’ve Heard About Foods that Prevent Cancer- What About Foods that Help Fight It?

According to Dr. Daniel Nixon, “Reshaping your diet is one of the most important ways you can join your healthcare team as an active participant in fighting relapse of your disease, improving your chances of remission, and nurturing your well-being.”

Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle + Nutrition

The Cancer-Prevention Power of Pomegranate

What fruit can trace its history to Biblical times, Greek mythology, Arab caravans, Indian ceremonies, Jewish customs, and the Muslim Qu’uran?

Nutrition + Side Effects

Surgical Wounds Won’t Heal? Nutrition May Help Cancer Patients

“I have an incision from breast cancer surgery that will not heal,” says forum-contributor ysqueen.

Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle + Nutrition

3-Time Cancer Survivor Says Quality Supplements Beat Fatigue

I wanted to share a story with you about a friend of mine.