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The 10 Most Impactful Changes I've Made in My Health and My Life in 2012!

When 2012 began, I dedicated the year to my health. As the months went by, I made several changes that I have to say, are making me feel a lot better. I feel mentally clearer and I have so much more energy and room to expand toward the things I want in life. It’s all

CV Skinlabs Recommendations + Nutrition

10 Ways to Enjoy a Green, Non-Toxic Thanksgiving

Its obvious consumers around the world are getting smarter about going green, and are looking to buy more environmentally friendly and sustainable products. We’re also growing more aware of the waste we’re creating each year, and trying to cut back on the amount of things we’re throwing out. As I’m sure you know, the holidays

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Stop the Hypocrisy! Let Progresso Know that BPA-Lined Cans Are NOT Acceptable

October swamped the market with pink. Some companies had the best intentions in donating funds for breast cancer research, but others seem to have their wires crossed. Take Progresso Soup, for example. Go to your local grocery store before the month is out and you are likely to find pink ribbons on the cans. These

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Would You Feel Better Without Coffee? Why You Should Quit-and How

I’ve recently made some changes in my life, and one of them is leaving lattes behind. Sounds drastic, right? (ha) I feel so good, though. Even though I love the taste of coffee, it always made me hot and a bit jittery (even decaf). I knew I needed to make this change when my adrenals