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Hair Care + Side Effects

A Hair-Raising Situation: Planning A Successful First Visit To Your Wig Salon

Does stepping inside a wig salon make you feel weak in the knees?

Hair Care + Side Effects

Now That I've Chosen My Wig, How Do I Care For It?

So, you’ve finally chosen a brand new wig, but you’re having a hard time coping with it in your morning routine.

Hair Care + Toxic Talk and Labels

Don't Mean To Burst Your Bubble! Shampoo's Main Ingredient Is A Likely Cancer-Causing Agent

Do you ever wonder if simple activities like washing your hair or choosing a shampoo could be dangerous to your health?

Hair Care + Side Effects

OMG! So Much To Think About When Choosing A Wig…

Dealing with the negative side effects of cancer treatments (like hair loss) can be difficult enough, but having to choose the right wig for your lifestyle can seem even harder.

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