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A Hair-Raising Situation: Planning A Successful First Visit To Your Wig Salon

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Bring along a friend for moral support.

Does stepping inside a wig salon make you feel weak in the knees? We don’t blame you! Making your first trip to the wig salon after dealing with hair loss can be a terrifying venture, but feeling prepared is easier than you think. Start your first visit armed with support. Ask a close friend, relative, or spouse (whose opinion you trust) to tag along, and allow them to be your “appearance advocate.”

If a sales person or wig specialist pressures you towards a decision and you’re feeling overwhelmed, have the friend step in and speak for you.

Make your first visit as soon as possible so you have plenty of time, but do it on a day when you’re feeling good. If the task causes you too much fatigue or anxiety, postpone until another day. Although many cancer patients advocate cutting their hair short or shaving their heads before a wig fitting, a reader on “Tips on Choosing a Wig” believes the opposite: “The best way (I have found) to go about preparing for hair loss, is to seek out a reputable wig fitter and cutter before you lose your hair. It helps the wig stylist to see your natural hair while you still have it. They go by that visual to help you select [a great wig].”

Set aside a large amount of time for your first appointment, because the process may not only be lengthy…it may also require time to step back and take a breather. If you’re feeling confused at any point during the shopping excursion, stop, step back, and walk around the block or go to lunch to give yourself time to think. Since most wig salons and shops have a “No Return Policy,” it’s crucial to create space (and time) so you won’t make a decision you’ll regret. Never purchase a wig before eliciting the opinion of a close confidant, or before viewing the wig yourself in a photograph. Ask your “appearance advocate” to bring a Polaroid or digital camera to your appointment, to let you instantly see a wig on your head.

Finally, before entering the store, think about what kind of wig will best suit your lifestyle and personality. For example, if you hate styling your hair for long periods of time, it’s important to choose a wig with very little upkeep. (Find more information on choosing the right wig here.) Also, look for a wig that is slightly lighter than your natural color, because your skin tone will likely change over time from cancer treatments. Success Beast adds, “Before you buy a wig, investigate all your options carefully. Choosing a good wig now may save you money in the end, because you’ll never have to replace it.”

Whether or not you’re nervous about entering a wig salon, as long as you remember to take your time, research the wig options available, and arrive prepared, your first visit will not only go smoothly…it will probably be a great success.

* We want to hear from you: How did your first visit go to a wig salon go? Were you successful right away? What helped you feel more comfortable and able to make a final decision?

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