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Hair Care + Side Effects

Where To Buy Your Wig? Tips On Choosing a Savvy Salon

Choosing a wig can be a daunting enough process when facing cancer-related hair loss, but finding the perfect wig salon seems to be even more overwhelming.

Hair Care + Side Effects

The Beauty in Scarves: Getting Your Hair Loss Under Wraps

Losing your hair to cancer can be a devastating process, but learning to wear (and love) fashionable scarves and head covers can be a positive experience.

Hair Care + Side Effects

Wow! You Have Great Hair! Learning to Style and Work with Your Wig

So, you’re already dealing with the negative side effects of cancer treatments and you’ve recently lost your hair. What more could you possibly have to worry about?

Hair Care + Side Effects

Treatments are Over, and My Hair’s Coming Back Curly. Will it Stay This Way?

Glory be and praise the heavens, after months of treatment and wigs and hats and of course, the endless waiting, your hair has started to grow back!

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