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Where To Buy Your Wig? Tips On Choosing a Savvy Salon

+ Pamela Friedman

Choosing a wig can be a daunting enough process when facing cancer-related hair loss, but finding the perfect wig salon seems to be even more overwhelming. Although visiting a wig salon in person may not seem important at first, “Mimi’s Wig Boutique” believes that purchasing hair pieces online or through a catalog will do more harm than good, as well as potentially waste your money. Take the time and effort to research wig specialists in your area, and find a place that will work with you to ensure that you find the right color, length, and cut for your face. A blogger from the Women’s Hair Loss Project explains the importance of buying your first wig in person: “What you think will look good and what actually works for you are completely different things. If possible, take a trip to a larger city and plan to spend a few hours trying on as many wigs as you need to.”

Many cancer fighters advocate the importance of choosing a salon that uses ethical practices for cancer patients. As a cancer blogger at “Blog For a Cure” explains, “[You need to] be careful when going to a wig store, even ones referred to you by the cancer treatment centers. Yes, there are stores that go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable, but the mark up on the wigs can be enormous.” Monica, a cancer fighter, agrees that it can be difficult to find a reputable wig salon: “[I got lucky because] my hairdresser recently completed the “Look Good, Feel Better” training and informed me she is now carrying wigs in her salon at cost. She was astounded how people in need were getting ripped off.”

Remember to take your time finding a wig consultant or specialist that will make you feel comfortable. The salon should address questions about your lifestyle before pushing a particular style or cut, including how much time you have in the morning to style a wig, or how comfortable are you with styling techniques. (Read more about lifestyle questions here.) For example, if you prefer a low-maintenance morning routine, you’ll want to choose a low-maintenance wig. (Read more at “OMG! So Much To Think About When Choosing a Wig.”)

In the end, choosing the right wig salon involves trial and error. You may have to visit many stores before finding the right fit. A proper wig salon will allow you to try any of the display wigs available, will help you discuss appropriate colors or styles, and may even offer styling services after you’ve purchased the product. The salon should include amenities like three-way mirrors (so you can see your wig at every angle), wig consultants that are free of charge (to explain return policies or purchasing procedures), and even a variety of products for daily maintenance (like shampoos, conditioners, or brushes made specifically for wigs). For more information on caring for your wig or finding the right products, please click here, or talk with other cancer fighters about hair loss on message boards like the Cancer Compass Side Effects forum. To find a Wig Salon near you, go to our Wig Salon Directory.

* How did you choose the right wig salon for you, and what is your advice for others? Please share!

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