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Skincare Consultation: My 10 Steps for More Glowing, Luminous Skin-No Matter Your Skin Type

On Saturday, May 2, 2015, I was super excited to be at the ABC Carpet & Home Beauty, Wellness, and Wisdom event here in New York City.

'THINK' Yourself Well + CV Skinlabs Recommendations

If It Were Thanksgiving All Year Long, We’d All Be Much Healthier and Happier

Over fifteen years ago, when I received the news that I had Hodgkin’s disease, I could have never guessed where I’d be today.

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My Personal Story: Why a Low-Carb Diet May be Unhealthy for Some Women Long-Term

My Story and How Adding “Gentle Carbs” Changed My Health At the beginning of this year, I gave you all an update on the 7 healthy habits I started in the fall of 2013. That included cutting way back on carbs. I’d heard about all the benefits-including weight loss, reduced cravings, a clear mind, less

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