how to pamper mom this mother's day
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10 Ways to Pamper Mom This Mother’s Day

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“Any mother could perform the jobs of several air traffic controllers with ease,” said American author Lisa Alther.

It’s true, right? Mother’s are always “on the job,” so to speak. Not only are they the ones that take care of us, but they’re the ones we run to when things get bad.

A mother’s work is never done, so they say, and I think it’s true. No matter how old you get, your mother is still your mother, and in her eyes, you’re still her child. It’s a relationship unlike any other, and on Mother’s Day, we get a chance to stop for a moment and remember what our mothers have done for us.

How do we thank them? It can be tricky sometimes to figure out just the right way to show our love and appreciation. To help you out, we’ve included some ideas below. If you have more, please let us know!

1. Write a letter.

We rarely do it anymore, write letters. We think of emails as being the same, but they’re not. When was the last time you held an email in your hands and lovingly read through the words?

A handwritten letter is something special, something to be treasured and cherished for years to come. If you can get your thoughts down on paper, in your own hand, you can trust that your mother will love it.

2. Create a memory.

When was the last time you did something special with your mom? Plan a special event, something that you know she’ll enjoy. A night out to see a concert or a play, a day spent antiquing, a picnic in the park (that she doesn’t have to prepare), a day at the spa together, or a weekend trip somewhere fun or relaxing.

3. Arrange a photo shoot.

Moms love pictures of their loved ones, and rarely have all that they’d like. Arrange a family photo shoot. Round up all the siblings if you can and get a real family picture. If that’s impossible, create a photo album with everyone included, and have it printed. There are a number of online companies these days (including Shutterfly) that allow you to upload your pictures and create unique photo albums that serve as great keepsakes.

4. Make her life easier.

Moms are always too busy. Think of how you can make her life easier. Create your own “coupons” offering your services to help with cleaning or cooking. If you’re too far away, try arranging for a housecleaning service, send a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant, or hire a handyman to fix that broken “thing” that’s been bugging her for months.

5. Help her take care of her skin.

Moms too often take care of everyone else while neglecting themselves. Yet every mom likes to feel beautiful. Luxurious skin care products that help banish wrinkles and dryness while nourishing and softening skin can feel like a real indulgence to a mom-but a very welcome one!

We recommend CV Skinlabs Rescue + Glow Collection, which helps calm, soothe and heal irritated skin, and is completely safe for both mom and babies. It includes the refreshing and cooling Rescue + Relief Spray, the plumping Calming Moisture, rich Body Repair Lotion, and the healing Restorative Skin Balm, all together with an eco-chic carrying pouch. Every time your mom uses these products, she’ll think of you fondly!

6. Send flowers.

It’s a time-honored tradition for a reason. Flowers are bright and cheery and bring a smile to most any mom’s day. If your mom isn’t the type to enjoy a bouquet, maybe something she can plant and take care of would be better-a rose bush or other perennial that will stick around, or a houseplant that will help bring cheer to her home while cleaning the air. (We have suggestions for some here.)

For moms without green thumbs, consider an edible bouquet, such as those from Edible Arrangements or other similar companies. These are usually beautiful and tasty!

7. Make a video.

This is a great idea if you and your siblings are all spread out across the country. Have each one make a video honoring mom-let them each put their own personality into it-and then blend them together and give it to her or send it to her to view.

If you’re not a master at video files, there are a number of online sites that can help you put the clips together. Just Google “help me make a video” and you’ll find some, or employ a friend or colleague to help you. Some finishing touches like adding a title, some music, and an ending greeting can all help make the video special.

8. Send a care package.

What mom doesn’t like receiving surprise packages in the mail?

Think about what your mom might like-small things she can use every day-and pile them up in a box and send them. Maybe you’ll include a box of her favorite tea, some new essential oils, a pair of fluffy socks, a CD by one of her favorite artists, some pampering skin or hair care products, a new book by one of her favorite authors, a box of her favorite candies, a new coffee cup…the options are endless. The more personal you can make it to her, the better!

9. Cook her a delicious meal.

If your mom spent years cooking for you, maybe it’s time to return the favor. Particularly if you enjoy cooking, this can be the perfect way to honor your mom. Try going all out-cook one of your specialty dishes, set up a fancy table with candles and background music, and invite mom over for a real treat. Don’t forget the dessert!

10. Pay tribute.

What if your mom is no longer with you?

If you’ve lost your mom (or grandmother) you may find this day to be painful. You can still honor your loved one’s life with a tribute. Allow yourself the time to do something your mom liked to do, to light a candle near her picture for a few quiet moments, or to volunteer at one of her favorite charitable organizations. There are a number of ways to honor the connection between you that can help you feel close to your loved one again.

How do you honor your mom (or grandmother) on Mother’s Day?

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