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'THINK' Yourself Well + Breast Cancer

Reduce Emotional “Toxins” to Lower Risk of Breast Cancer

When I teach my “Detox Your Life” courses, one thing that often surprises people is that I consider negative thoughts, stress, and repressed emotions as “toxins.”

Breast Cancer + Skin, Lip and Body Care

A Breast Cancer Patient’s Guide to Pampering Herself

Okay, ladies. If you have breast cancer, I bet I know what you’re doing.

Breast Cancer

What We Know About Preventing Breast Cancer: 5 Key Preventative Steps

In honor of breast cancer month, we wanted to take a new look at what we know so far.

Breast Cancer

31 Days, 31 Ways to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

The good news is that breast cancer rates have been decreasing since the year 2000. Between 2003 and 2004, they dropped by seven percent.

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