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Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle

Tai Chi: An Ancient Warrior’s Skill Promotes Healing After Cancer

If you’re a Star Trek fan and happened to watch The Next Generation shows, you may remember Lieutenant Worf, the Klingon warrior, practicing a series of slow, deliberate movements resembling those in a martial arts class.

Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle

Energy Medicine-A Great Complement to Chemotherapy

“Energy is in everything,” says the Energy Information Administration.

Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle + Toxic Talk and Labels

Is a Sauna the Answer to Getting Rid of Post-Cancer-Therapy Toxins?

Nothing feels quite as good as a hot sauna after a day of skiing, or even as a complement to a nice, soothing massage. But could regular trips significantly clear your system of toxins from chemotherapy and radiation? New York City used saunas to help rescue workers suffering from 9/11 toxicant-induced illnesses. However, it’s not

Alternative Therapies and Lifestyle + Nutrition

The Cancer-Prevention Power of Pomegranate

What fruit can trace its history to Biblical times, Greek mythology, Arab caravans, Indian ceremonies, Jewish customs, and the Muslim Qu’uran?

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