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Cancer Got You Down? Connect to Your Heart’s Desires for True Healing Power

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The word “cancer” can bring up lots of other dark and unfriendly words. Fear, pain, struggle, exhaustion-these and more pop up in the minds of most people when they’re diagnosed.

Shanda Sumpter, founder of HeartCore Bootcamp, suggests a different word: gift.

Cancer, a gift?

“You’re not a victim no matter what has happened in your life,” says this clarity coach. “Whether you’ve had a divorce, suffered an injury, gotten cancer…anything that has come up in your space. It’s there to guide you to what you want so badly, to what we call your ‘heart drive.’ If you get cancer and surrender, you don’t see the gift-you’re not seeing the message.”

So what can possibly be the message of cancer? “Cancer gives you the gift of clearly seeing the value of life-the value of your life. What someone with cancer has over the average Joe is the appreciation and the urgency of what life really is. Whatever you’ve wanted to do, whatever your passion is, what is the point of holding back now?”

Together with her partner, Allyson Spellman, Shanda teaches women around the world to stop settling for simply surviving life and start stepping into a truly empowered life. “Most of us are society robots. We do what we’ve been told to do, or what we think we should do. We want to empower women to follow their hearts. If you connect with what you love, things like illnesses, stress, and other physical problems start to reverse themselves.”

Shanda talks about the “love frequency,” a personal vibration that people have when they’re truly connected to their passion. We’re all made of energy, and when we’re vibrating in love, there’s no room for fear, worry, stress, or other negative emotions. “When you’re faced with cancer,” she says, “your frequency goes flat. You need to realign your focus, and bring your vibration back up.”

How do you do that when you’re going through treatment, experiencing side effects, and struggling to get up in the morning? “Everything comes down to focus,” Shanda says. “What are you focusing on? If it’s only the cancer, your vibration is going to continue to spiral down. Let’s say your dream has been to open a dessert shop, but you’ve never done it. Now is the time. Cancer has given you the gift of realizing the value of your life, and your dreams. So even if you’re lying in bed after a treatment, you can create your recipe plans, or the themes around your new shop. How are you going to decorate it? What will your logo look like? If we focus on our dreams, we begin to ‘think’ our way into them. Watch. You’ll start to get excited. You’ll sketch out a few designs. Maybe you’ll think of a new ingredient to spice up your grandma’s chewy brownies. After a few minutes of doing this, your vibration-your energy level-will come up. You’ll feel a sense of purpose again. You’ll be engaged in life, instead of just overwhelmed by cancer. And that’s going to help you heal.”

The power of this engagement, according to Shanda, is that it comes from love, which is the most powerful energy in the universe. “The cancer is not there to hurt you or to deplete you. It’s actually encouraging you to get going on your dreams, to be authentic in who you really are. When you connect to what you love, there is no fear.”

Shanda and Allyson are offering a free call-in workshop on July 21 at 5pm PST (6pm MT, 8pm
EST), as well as a 2-day HeartCore Bootcamp on July 24-25. All you have to do is sign up on the website, then call in. Simple, and it could be the spark you need to reconnect with what you love!

“We need to be clear about the challenges that come into our lives,” Shanda says. “Instead of bemoaning what you don’t have or what you’re lacking or what you’re afraid of, look at what’s in your space now, and use it to launch the life you want.”

For more information on the HeartCore Bootcamp, please visit Shanda’s web site.

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